Top rated car of 2013

Top rated car of 2013

Since there is a great competition in luxury cars, it is hard to find the best among all. However, it has been observed that the five series of the BMW was the top rated car of the year 2013. Not only is this, but the five series was he most successful model in 2012 as well. Though BMW came up with some innovations in 2013, the number of selling vehicles went up to 366,992.

This great demand was the result of outstanding features of the car. From interior to mileage, everything was so perfect that people who had tight budget were trying to somehow get the used BMW 5 series.

Starting from the interior, it won the hearts with its iDrive touch controller for convenience and ease. Apart from it, the engine was efficient, economical and clean. To make it more appealing, it has got an auto engine with a self-start and stop function, ECO Pro mode and brake energy recovery. According to BMW heads, the basic idea behind the five series is to provide a fuel-efficient car with a luxurious touch and letting the customers enjoy the lively driving experience. In order to provide the best and safe night drive, BMW came with animal and person detection LED headlamps and a night vision. Its Light spot feature provides clear visibility in dark with the camera placed at the base of an interior mirror. It points the direction of the headlamps and provides safety from sudden dazzling lights. Things just not end here, other specifications include a huge luggage space of 560 liters. This space can be expanded even more by folding the back seats. Thus, one can easily make it a loading vehicle when needed. There were a number of features to assist the driver and to give a pleasant driving experience. With an elegant touch, BMW five series cars come with different features and are suitable for both, couple and family drive.

Summing up, BMW has been successful in keeping its trend of a highly demanded car. Efficiency, luxury and convenience are some of the vital factors, which are noticed when buying a car like BMW. However one cannot deny the fact that cost also matters a lot. Used BMW m3 and used BMW X3 are easily available online. Start searching; you might get a suitable car in your budget.

Enjoy the drive! 


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