Audi’ in Action

Used Audi

Audi is a German automobile company serving in the industry since a couple of ears. This automobile manufacturer is the member of “German Big 3” automakers including Mercedes and BMW. Audi has a good image in the minds of customers and always comes with something new and innovative for the car-lovers.

Some recent luxurious models by Audi include:

–          Audi A8

The luxurious full size, four door sedan is a great success of Audi. Having fine design, it got great response from the market. This sedan has got multiple features such as leather and wood interior trim, climate control system, a great audio system and highly comfortable seats. New combustion engines were introduced in the year 2005 and in this year 3.2 unit engines were placed in Audi C6 A6 and AUDI B7 A4. In addition to this, safety system was also introduced. This Audi Side Assist system notifies the driver during an attempt of changing the lane without giving a signal. Both the interior and exterior of all versions of Audi A8 are exceptionally designed, giving it a perfect look of a luxurious car.

–          Audi A3

This model of Audi is a compact based car model having three generations. Initial models have three doors with a hatchback bod, in order to give it a sporty look. Besides this, inline four cylinders are used in all versions. After the first generation, Audi A3 model was revised and more innovative accessories were integrated such as six speed manual gear box, big headlights, enhanced interior look etc.

–          Audi A6

The Audi A6 is another success in the list of luxury cars. This executive car has four generations. Currently standing in its fourth generation, this car comes in different versions such as CA, C5, C6 and C7. The CA version is of 90s and it has the turbo diesel along with a four wheel design. The C5 version started from 1997 and lasted till 2004. This version is available with a number of variations and configurations. Audi A6 made a high profit in market as this model made the drivers crazy and some are of the view that this is the most comfortable mid-size car ever.

–          Audi A4

This compact executive car also has fourth generations. Having a longitudinally placed front engine, it comes with both, front and wheel drive system. The recent one in Audi A4 is the B6, B7 and B8 type cars. They received great response from the customers due to their extreme classy look that tempted the buyers to purchase them. The B7 cars are widely known for their safety system. It includes anti-lock braking system, side guard curtain air bags, electronic stability programme etc. It is one of the best safety cars of the year 2007.

 Summing up, Audi is a well-known brand, having some out class luxurious cars with the integration of top-notch technology. This brand is competing well and bringing great competitive models every year.


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