Some latest models of Mercedes

Mercedes is a big name in the industry of luxury cars. Working in this industry since years, this brand is competing well with other luxury giants such as BMW, Audi etc. This luxurious car brand always comes up with something innovative and leaves the customers tempting with its dynamic features. A wide range of models are present under the name of Mercedes. Mercedes C-Class was a big hit and doing a good business in these days. This article will tell you some features about the latest models of Mercedes.

Let us have a look:

         Mercedes GLK

The luxurious Mercedes GLK has a sleek and stylish design offering all four wheel drive. There are two versions of the GLK. One is GLK 250 and the other is GLK 350. The GLK 250 is equipped with turbo diesel 2.1-liter four-cylinder engine while the GLK 350 is equipped with all wheels or rear wheel drive and has a 3.5-liter V6 engine. Seven-speed automatic transmission is present with both the engines. The GLK model of Mercedes was presented in the year 2010 and then further innovations took place in 2013 and 2014. Both the models are widely available. Even used mercedes glk is a good option to buy.

         Mercedes C300

Mercedes C300 is another big hit by Mercedes. Having fine interior design, it fulfills every aspect of being a luxurious car and competes well with Audi and BMW. Pricing is reasonable in comparison with its quality, features and design. The long hood, lustrous paint, woven carpet and luxurious exterior body make this worth-buying. People gave amazing reviews for this car and many of them are of the view that the paid due to the high-performance and craftsmanship for the car. It is predicted that new innovations are likely to come in the coming years and further development is possible in this sports car. used mercedes c300 is easily available in good condition. So, if you have a tight budget, you can still enjoy the ride of great luxury by having a used Mercedes.

         Mercedes Benz G Class

The G class model of Mercedes Benz has some military history and it has two models. One is G550 and the other is G63 AMG. Both of them are highly luxurious with outstanding attributes. Having a boxy and tall design, this car is suitable for both harsh and smooth drive. You can buy mercedes benz g class used and save your budget.



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