How to clean your Jeep

By Fred Patrick – Cleaning your Jeep may seem daunting, if you do not know the proper tactics and some professional tips to clean it. Since it is a big vehicle, you need to be extra careful in cleaning it. Here are some tips that will help you cleaning your Jeep this time.

–          Washing the under body

Washing the underbody of your car is also essential. We ignore his part sometimes when doing a cleanup of the car. However, wash your car patiently and do not ignore the under body. Your Jeep might have picked some road salt or ice in winters, so sponge it up!

–          Have a look at the wiper blades

Looking at the wiper blades is also necessary especially when spring is about to come. If they are not too old, just clean them up. However, if they are in a very bad condition, change them.

–          Headlamps

Most of the dirt gets on the sides of the headlamps. So clean them gently so that they can shine properly.

–          Lean the air conditioner

Cleaning an air conditioner of a Jeep is not that tedious. All you need to do is to take it out by opening the screws at the corners. After that, brush it by dipping a soft brush in a cleaning agent. Dry it and then fix it again.

–          Seats

Changing the seats cover after short intervals is not pocket-friendly, but cleaning it is possible. So, take a soft cloth and wipe off all the dirt from the seats. Observe if there is any spot of eatable item or anything else. If yes, put a little detergent on it and then wipe off that area with a clean towel.

–          Exterior

Cleaning the outer body is more important as compare to the inner one. For this purpose, you can buy some good car cleaners easily available in the market. Dissolve them in water and then gently clean the outer body. Do not use any brush for cleaning the exterior, it can cause scratches to the body. Always use soft cloth or towel for it. Once you have cleaned it, wash it off with water and then dry it with towel.

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