How to clean your car interior

By Fred Patrick – Cleaning the interior of your car is essential for a comfortable and luxurious drive. If you have kids, you can better realize how dirty your car can become after a week or so. Cleaning the interior once a month is enough and weekend id the most appropriate time for this. This article will teach you some simple steps to clean your car interior at home.


–          Inspect

Your first step is to carefully inspect the areas that need treatment. If your car’s interior is made from leather, see if the leather is cracked or if it has some spots of dirt or any eatables.

–          Buy things

The next time is to go to a car shop and buy stuff for our car (if needed). For instance, if you think the leather seat covers should be cleaned, buy a leather-cleaning agent from the shop. Alternatively, you can also buy a decoration piece for your car. So, make a list of things you need and buy them altogether.

–          Vacuum

Buy a small car vacuum for cleaning the seats and removing dirt, which is otherwise impossible to remove. This small vacuum will be convenient to hold and can be plugged into a cigarette lighter power source of your car. Therefore, if you want to save your budget for the new seat covers, use vacuum often so that your seat covers will look new and clean.

–          Remove stains

If you find any stain on the seat covers, remove them with the household products. For instance, if it is a grease stain, use paint thinner to remove it. If it is a coffee or an ice-cream spot, use detergent and a soft cloth to sponge it off.

–          Use carpet cleaner

Yes, when cleaning an interior of your car, you cannot ignore the carpet and mats. If the mats are of plastic then washing them with water will be enough. Clean the entire carpet with the carpet cleaner and leave it to dry.

–          Wipe off the dust


Now take a soft cloth and use it to remove dust from the front rack, armrest, steering and from everywhere else. In the end, use some good car fragrance spray, put the air conditioner on for some time and your car is ready with a clean interior.


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