How to clean your car’s engine

Cleaning your car’s engine is essential after short intervals to ensure smooth drive and better performance of our car. People who really care for their car know how important engine is for their car. On the other hand, cleaning the engine also saves form big problems that a car can have. Noise and other irritations in driving can be easily eliminated if engine is cleaned properly.

This article will teach you how to clean your car’s engine:

         Warming up

For cleaning the engine, just slightly warm it up. Do not put it to warm up for so long. It will take just 4-5 minutes.

         Shift the car

Take your car to a suitable area where oil residue water will not cause damage. Areas where industrial water is present are the most suitable ones for this purpose.

         Remove the battery terminals

The next step is to remove the terminals. First negative and then positive.

         Cover up electronic components

Use a plastic bag to cover up the exposed electronic components near engine so that water will not reach them.

         Remove dust

The next step is to take any dry brush and remove the dust from the sides of the engine. You can also use any soft cloth for it if brush is not available.

         Make a detergent solution

Now you will make a detergent solution by mixing two cups water and one-gallon detergent. Make sure that the detergent is of good quality and can remove dirt and oil.

         Application of solution

Now apply this solution on the engine with the help of brush or cloth. Rub it slightly so that the entire residue can be easily removed.



Once you are done with it, use a water pipe to sponge up this solution easily. After that, use a dry cloth or a towel to make it dry.


You have now successfully cleaned your car’s engine. In the end, remove the plastic wraps from the electrical components. Thus, it is an easy and simple way to clean an engine. If you are still confused regarding the maintenance of the car, go and consult with a professional. But do remember that maintenance is important. Whether it is a 

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 or maintenance is equally important in every car. Have a nice drive!


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