#Cleaningyourcarinterior #drivewithpride

By Fred Patrick – Do you love your car? If yes, then should be concerned about its care. A clean and comfortable look of the interior makes the car look more attractive and gives a pleasant driving experience. No matter which car you have, a clean interior always welcomes a long and clam drive. Here are some tips for you:

– Carpet cleaning
Cleaning the carpet can be tedious at times. However, it can become simple if you follow some easy tactics such as firstly take out the mats and keep them aside. Now take a clean brush. If you are using the old brush, make sure it does not have any debris or dust in it. Brush the entire carpet, starting from the end and bringing all the debris in the center. Now take a portable vacuum and remove all the debris, which you have bought in the center with it. This will make easier for you to remove dust.
Besides this, use vacuum to clean the mats outside the car. Once you are done with it, use a carpet protecting liquid.


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