Learn to extend your car’s battery life!

Usually a car battery has a certain life after which it becomes dead. However, it has been observed that with some maintenance, you can prolong the life of your car’s battery. If you are one of those, who are bound to replace their car batteries every 1- 2 years then do not worry because you can overcome this problem. In this article, you will get to know some amazing tips to increase the life of your car battery. Here you go:


–          The first most imperative step is to keep observing your battery terminals. You should make sure that they are clean and if not clean them regularly in order to avoid corrosion.

–          Besides this, make sure that your battery is not vibrating. It is also a safety measure as it can cause damage to the entire car or can cause a short circuit. So, beware!

–          Use an insulation kit to insulate your car’s battery from high temperature changes. They are available with brand new cars or in another case, you can replace it as per your car’s requirements.

–          It is a common fact that car batteries that are not in use since several days may become dead. Yes, leaving your car idle for a couple of days may affect your car’s battery. As a solution for this, you need to take a high quality car battery charger that can let your battery to be active.

–          Apart from this, do check the water indicator of your car battery. Most batteries indicate when they require water. If so, use only distilled water for it.

–          If you are planning to disconnect our battery for some reason, make sure to read the battery’s manual first. Most of the car battery’s guide advices you to remove the negative cable first and then the positive one. When reconnecting it, reverse the process. It is highly imperative to follow these instructions for safety and battery maintenance.

–          On the other hand, you should never over charge car batteries. Overcharging the, can not only shorten their life but also cause explosion t times due to the release of hydrogen and oxygen gases. So, be careful and immediately remove the charger once the battery is fully charged.


Whether it is a used Mercedes glk, a used lexus es 350, a used bmw m3 or any other car, these tips are for every car. So, keep your car’s battery with care and enjoy driving!


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