Some fuel efficient luxury cars:

When it comes to luxury cars, one always desires to have the one with all features of Excellency and comfort. Among these features, fuel-efficiency tops the most for most of us. In this article, you will get to know some well-known luxury cars that are highly fuel-efficient. Whether you go for used luxury cars or the brand new ones, do consider these first. Here are they:

–          Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

This great luxury cars tops the list of highly duel-efficient cars. With the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, you can easily drive up to 500 miles without being gas up. This shows that one can spend a handsome amount of time this super luxury car and enjoy the comfortable interior with leather seats.

–          Porsche Panamera S Hybrid

Though this car has been beaten by the Infinti’s M Hybrid, but it still stands as one of the best fuel-efficient luxury cars. It comes with dynamic 3.0liter V6 which produces a horse power of 333. Smooth drive, comfortable interior and alluring style makes it worth a try.

–          Mercedes E350 BlueTec Diesel

This luxurious car is included in the line of diesel powered Mercedes car and goes to 60mph from zero in just 7.2 seconds. Having plenty of other dynamic features, this car is worth buying when you are in a mood of a diesel vehicle.

–          Infiniti M Hybrid

Infiniti M hybrid tops the list when it comes to fastest accelerating hybrid cars. Having a fuel-efficiency of 29mpg, it comes with a classy interior and an appealing exterior body. Winning hearts of the potential customers, this hybrid car is worth buying.

–          Audi A6

This luxury car comes with 28mpg and other outstanding features such as keyless start function, cruise control system, and infrared camera and so on. This car has a big name in the market and compels the buyers with its classy and elite look.

–          Lexus CT 200h

Having 40 mpg on highway and 43 mpg in the city, this car stands as one of the best green cars in the market. It is fairly priced at $30,000 and features an alarming sound in EV mode. In this way, it secures the unassuming pedestrians.

Assume these cars when willing to buy a fuel-efficient car. Luxury cars such as used mercedes ml350 and used bmw houston are available in good condition. Do a good research before making a final decision, compare prices and go for a trustable dealer.



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