Review of BMW X3 SUV

By Fred Patrick – The new BMW X3 introduced in the year 2014 has gazillion of exciting features. From economic use to luxurious styling, it has captured the market so well that almost eighty percent of the customers are going for it. It is equipped with a 2.0-liter diesel engine that gives a smooth and quiet drive besides providing an economical solution for travelling. On the other hand, this SUV has plenty of space and it is perfect for a small to medium size family.

In comparison with the old version, this model has now been updated with innovative changes that have tempted the customers. This new version comes up with new headlight style and new rear as well as front bumpers. The main theme for changing the style of headlights is to give it a more defined SUV look. The sound problem which was identified in predecessor models is now resolved with a new motor. Attention is primarily given on the engine and facelift while rest of the features is still the same. However, the X3 drive is smooth and does not produce unusual sounds even on the highway road where heavy vehicles are around you.

As we talk about the interior of the car, one can experience an updated infotainment system with added features of parking system, auto headlights, iDrive rotary controller with touch pad and so on. However, the steering of the car is a bit heavy but the leather interior and sleek design is perfect to create a luxurious environment for a family. Moving on towards the exterior of the car, it comes in multiple colors, each having its own elegance and style. The body of the car is firm and has been designed in a way that can easily handle every climatic condition. Whether it is a rainy day or a drive on highway, your decision to take X3 is perfect.

Thus, this new and enhanced version of V3 SUV has greatly removed the drawbacks of the former models and came up with a new engine and infotainment system. This model has gained so much popularity that people who are facing a budget problem, are looking for it in used luxury cars. It is also available in pre owned cars for sale and in online car sales. Buying this comfortable package of BMW X3is a wise decision. It is available at affordable ratesand you can get it on lease from a reliable dealer in your town!



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