BMW X4 – smart and efficient

By Fred Patrick – The new BMW has grasped the target market with its amazing features. For all BMW lovers, this article will provide a comprehensive review of this luxurious car. The main and distinctive features of the car include:

–          Interior

The interior of the car is perfect to create an ultra-modern look. The seats are adjustable and one can easily rest in BMW X4. Besides this, the leather steering and other compartments are designed with a unique look. The steering is of sporty look and it enables you to complete the action without requiring much power.

–          Exterior

This car comes with a unique and firm exterior. Having the LED technology, it has two optional headlights. Attention is given on the front of the car while the back is equally designed with a sophisticated touch.

–          Engine

The X4 model comes with both Twin Power petrol as well as Twin Power diesel engine. This makes the car work more efficient and economical in use. Besides this, there are less CO2 emissions and the fuel consumption is moderate.

–          BMW apps

This great model of BMW enables you to stay connected with the global world. Whether it is entertainment, communication or information, you are virtually connected with the world on the go. The BMW apps enable you to do surfing by using your smart phones and tablets. Not only is this, but also being stuck into traffic jams is not possible when you are in X4. Yes, it is due to the reason that it gives you real time traffic information. This enables you to change the routes if there are traffic jams.

–          Convenience and comfort

With the X4 model, you do not have to start the car with the key. You cannot only open the doors but can start the engine as well through a Comfort Access system. Besides this, it has enough room for the passengers. Both the front and back seats are designed in a way that provides ultimate comfort.

All in all, BMW X4 has all the features that a luxurious and convenient car should have. It ensures hundred percent safety and security of the passengers as the car has been tested several times before the final launch. The professional engineers have designed the car in a lightweight and equipment used in the car is of premium quality.

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