BMW X1- 2013

By Fred Patrick – The BMW X1 was launched in the year 2013. This car has both rear as well as front wheel driving options. Some thrilling features of the car are mentioned in detail:

–          Interior and exterior design of the car

The overall design of the car is stylish. Not only is the front, but the back of the car is also given a modern touch. As far as the interior of the car is concerned, it is designed in such a manner that fulfills all the requirements of the driver and the passengers. The interior is designed in an artistic way that combines comfort with an elite look. The electroplated elements of the interior make the car ultra-modern and create an environment that satisfies every requirement of a luxury car.

–          Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption of the car is very moderate and due to this X1 is economical for everyone. It comes with an automatic start and stop function. With this function, the car automatically stops in traffic jams thus there is less fuel-consumption. Besides this, whenever your car stops temporarily, your fuel is not wasted in it.

–          Driving assistance

This modern car comes with a dynamic navigation system that helps the driver to look at the 3D image on the front screen. Not only is this, but there is an iDrive system in the system that helps to control the entire functions with just a click. Thus, BMW enables you to drive smartly without using much power.

–          Safety

The car ensures safety of its passengers and due to this reason; it comes with a camera that gives a clear image of things around your car. On the other hand, it comes with a dynamic cruise control system to relax the driver on long ways. Besides this, the car has a road safety system. With this system, it alerts the driver before an accident thus provides maximum safety.

The thrilling features of the car just not end here.  BMW X1 comes with a number of great apps that provides convenience to you while driving. To create an entertaining environment, you can switch on the infotainment system and get into the world of social media and entertainment. You can also have the facility of Bluetooth connectivity, USB connection and much more. You can search this car in cars for sale in houston or in used luxury cars. There is a great demand for used cars for sale in houston. So, grab your BMW X1 right now!



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