2006 Buick Lucerne Houston Used Cars for Sale

By Fred Patrick – The Buick Lucerne came up with a mesmerizing design and dynamic features. The exterior of the car was designed so well that it was successful in beating many of its customers at that time. On the other hand, the interior theme was based on comfort and convenience of the passengers. Lucerne also has a warranty of good four years and 80, 0000 kilometers. Besides this, there are many other exciting features embedded in this car.

The design of the car is based on European styling that includes large headlamps and wedge shaped profile. In addition to this, the basic roots of the brand are still the same such as the trademark of Buick, which is chrome embellished, chrome accented and waterfall grille, handles of the doors, molding, windows etc. The twin-chromed tailpipes add a sporty look to the car while the V8 engine makes it even more enticing. Lucerne has the distinction of having such powerful engine which many of its competitors like Kia Amanti, Ford Five Hundred, Hyundai Azera and Toyota Avalon do not have. However, the Chrysler 300C gave it a big competition.

After the launch of Buick Lucerne in the year 2006, many test drivers revealed that it is the perfect sedan. The 3.8-liter engine of the car has the special technology of Electronic Throttle Control that enables the car to consume less fuel. On the other hand, the car is environment –friendly and thus there are few emissions. In addition to this, other features of the car includes rain sensing wipers, parking assistance, on-board navigation, remote control starting, satellite radio, audio system and much more. Not only is this, but the car is also equipped with Quick Tuning system that ensures a smooth drive without any noise. For the safety measures, it has six air bags. These six air bags also include a dual-stage bad along with roof rail airbag and side air bag. Besides this, the 17-inch alloy wheels make driving a comfortable experience.

By looking at the above features, it can be said that Buick Lucerne satisfies all requirements of a perfect sedan. You can get this car among the pre owned cars for sale

2006 Buick Lucerne Houston Used Cars for Sale

2006 Buick Lucerne Houston Used Cars for Sale

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An Overview of Mercedes Benz E Class

By Fred Patrick – The Mercedes Benz E Class came up with a complete new look in the year 2013. This look has inspired the customers from across the globe and it did great business. The comfort and convenience provided by the car is unmatched. Under the category of E Class, there is a good range of models. With a number of powertrain options, it offers 4- passenger coupe, 7-passenger wagon, 4-passenger cabriolet and a 5-passenger sedan. This time Mercedes focused on the design of the car and replaced the two front lights with a single headlamp. In addition to this, attention is also given to the bonnet and bumper of the car. Mercedes lovers can now enjoy the three-pointed star, which is the main identity of the brand.

As far as the engine of the car is considered, the E250 CDI engine is the most preferable for US buyers. The interior of the car is still the same. However, there are some minute changes such as the leather covering on the dashboard and the electric adjustments on the front seat so that the driver can set a comfortable position. In addition to this, there other electronics include Bluetooth connectivity, DVD, backup camera and USB port.

Across the line, the design and style is of standard quality. The coupe looks utter stylish with a sleek design and a premium quality interior, the sedan has a well-structured design and a enough room for a small family. Besides this, the cabriolet is available with a number of add-ons and styling elements. The roof of the cabriolet is made from soft fabric that gives it an elegant touch. The wagon is perfectly designed for family tours and picnics. On the other hand, the E Class has great safety measures for the passengers and driver. There are air front airbags, side curtain airbags, driving assistance system and a knee airbag to ensure safety of the Mercedes customers.

All in all, the E Class has several options for you. From comfort and safety to driving dynamics and luxurious styling, E Class is a perfect option. If the cost of the E Class models seems out of budget, do not worry because you can still enjoy the benefits of this Class by having used luxury cars. Yes, search for some online car sales and select any model from the Mercedes E Class. Houston car dealerships are very helpful in buying a used car at an affordable price. Start your search right now!


Lincoln MKZ – 2014

By Fred Patrick – The Lincoln MKZ is a luxury car of the year 2014. Designed with a theme of elite class look, the car aims to provide the most luxurious driving dynamics to its customers. Here is the comprehensive review of the car:

Starting from the interior features of the car, it provides a great infotainment system that enables you to perform many functions with a touch screen. You can enjoy your favorite audio and set the internal climate with the climate control function. Besides this, it provides a satellite radio, push button start option, an eleven-speaker stereo and much more.  Not only is this, but you can also have the Bluetooth facility and connect your smartphone. As far as the optional features are concerned, they include parking sensors, spot monitoring system, a backup camera, adaptive cruise control and so on. MKZ also provides assistance in parking your car by spotting a parallel space for you.

On the other hand, the car is easy to handle as buttons are used to select the gears. These buttons are present on the front board. The trunk space of the car is 15.4 cubic feet that is much more than other cars of the same range and features. The engine of the car is V6, 3.7 liter and the suspension system is great. A number of test drivers have revealed this car as the most comfortable. Besides this, the car has the distinction of having a unique design. Designers of Lincoln have been successful in catering the customers with its unique and stylish design.  The car provides ample space for everyday things that you usually carry in your pocket.

All in all, the car has everything for you. From unique designing to unmatched driving experience, Lincoln MKZ 2014 seems worth trying. For teenagers, the car will be fun in a sporty mode. However, the comfort mode is also good, but the pleasure of high speed and sporty mode cannot be explained in words. Compared with its competitors, Lincoln has ample space, unique design and gives a smooth driving experience. Be smart and get your Lincoln MKZ from the used cars for sale in houston. Yes, you can avail all these benefits at a lower price. Cars for sale in houston are in good condition and people prefer to buy the used cars rather than spending heavy bucks on the brand new ones. So, start searching your MKZ among the used cars Houston and enjoy driving!

All about BMW 3 Series Sedan

By Fred Patrick – The BMW 3 series sedan comes with a sleek and stylish exterior. Maintaining the tradition of BMW designs, it comes from the same mold as other BMW models. On the other hand, the interior of the car is designed with an elite touch. Having a number of convenient features, it offers easy handling and smooth drive. Besides this, there is ample space in the car for all your necessary gadgets and accessories. Whether it is your smartphone or laptop, a water bottle or some eatables, BMW offers separate compartments for each of them. Not only is this, but BMW 3 series is also equipped with the iDrive system. Yes, it enables you to control a number of functions with just few buttons. Thus, BMW makes your driving experience simple and comfortable.

As far as the engine is concerned, it has a Twinpower Turbo Technology that provides the best driving dynamics and smooth drive. For your entertainment, BMW provides the latest apps and connecteddrive service. This service of BMW keeps you updates with all the latest happenings. You can listen to news, get real time traffic information and enjoy your favorite track while on the go. The Internet facility of this car keeps you connected with the world. You can easily get the updates of your office or send and receive emails while travelling. Besides this, there is a great sound system in the car. It three-dimensional feature lets you enjoy music even at high speed.

In addition to these features, the car has multiple features to ensure safety of its passengers. Modern styled headlights are present on the front. Besides this, the car has been tested and each equipment has been monitored carefully before designing the final model. The construction of the car is lightweight and all the functions are designed to give a comfortable and safe driving experience. Another great feature of this series is the color and line of the car. There are three lines for the customers to select. These lines include the sports model, luxury model and the modern model.

Thus, BMW 3 Series has everything a luxury car should have. Some online car sales offer this series in old version. Used luxury cars are an affordable way to enjoy the comfort of expensive cars. By searching for some good houston car dealerships, you canget this model at a reasonable price.Select the line of your choice and book your car right now!