All about BMW 3 Series Sedan

By Fred Patrick – The BMW 3 series sedan comes with a sleek and stylish exterior. Maintaining the tradition of BMW designs, it comes from the same mold as other BMW models. On the other hand, the interior of the car is designed with an elite touch. Having a number of convenient features, it offers easy handling and smooth drive. Besides this, there is ample space in the car for all your necessary gadgets and accessories. Whether it is your smartphone or laptop, a water bottle or some eatables, BMW offers separate compartments for each of them. Not only is this, but BMW 3 series is also equipped with the iDrive system. Yes, it enables you to control a number of functions with just few buttons. Thus, BMW makes your driving experience simple and comfortable.

As far as the engine is concerned, it has a Twinpower Turbo Technology that provides the best driving dynamics and smooth drive. For your entertainment, BMW provides the latest apps and connecteddrive service. This service of BMW keeps you updates with all the latest happenings. You can listen to news, get real time traffic information and enjoy your favorite track while on the go. The Internet facility of this car keeps you connected with the world. You can easily get the updates of your office or send and receive emails while travelling. Besides this, there is a great sound system in the car. It three-dimensional feature lets you enjoy music even at high speed.

In addition to these features, the car has multiple features to ensure safety of its passengers. Modern styled headlights are present on the front. Besides this, the car has been tested and each equipment has been monitored carefully before designing the final model. The construction of the car is lightweight and all the functions are designed to give a comfortable and safe driving experience. Another great feature of this series is the color and line of the car. There are three lines for the customers to select. These lines include the sports model, luxury model and the modern model.

Thus, BMW 3 Series has everything a luxury car should have. Some online car sales offer this series in old version. Used luxury cars are an affordable way to enjoy the comfort of expensive cars. By searching for some good houston car dealerships, you canget this model at a reasonable price.Select the line of your choice and book your car right now!


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