Lincoln MKZ – 2014

By Fred Patrick – The Lincoln MKZ is a luxury car of the year 2014. Designed with a theme of elite class look, the car aims to provide the most luxurious driving dynamics to its customers. Here is the comprehensive review of the car:

Starting from the interior features of the car, it provides a great infotainment system that enables you to perform many functions with a touch screen. You can enjoy your favorite audio and set the internal climate with the climate control function. Besides this, it provides a satellite radio, push button start option, an eleven-speaker stereo and much more.  Not only is this, but you can also have the Bluetooth facility and connect your smartphone. As far as the optional features are concerned, they include parking sensors, spot monitoring system, a backup camera, adaptive cruise control and so on. MKZ also provides assistance in parking your car by spotting a parallel space for you.

On the other hand, the car is easy to handle as buttons are used to select the gears. These buttons are present on the front board. The trunk space of the car is 15.4 cubic feet that is much more than other cars of the same range and features. The engine of the car is V6, 3.7 liter and the suspension system is great. A number of test drivers have revealed this car as the most comfortable. Besides this, the car has the distinction of having a unique design. Designers of Lincoln have been successful in catering the customers with its unique and stylish design.  The car provides ample space for everyday things that you usually carry in your pocket.

All in all, the car has everything for you. From unique designing to unmatched driving experience, Lincoln MKZ 2014 seems worth trying. For teenagers, the car will be fun in a sporty mode. However, the comfort mode is also good, but the pleasure of high speed and sporty mode cannot be explained in words. Compared with its competitors, Lincoln has ample space, unique design and gives a smooth driving experience. Be smart and get your Lincoln MKZ from the used cars for sale in houston. Yes, you can avail all these benefits at a lower price. Cars for sale in houston are in good condition and people prefer to buy the used cars rather than spending heavy bucks on the brand new ones. So, start searching your MKZ among the used cars Houston and enjoy driving!


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