An Overview of Mercedes Benz E Class

By Fred Patrick – The Mercedes Benz E Class came up with a complete new look in the year 2013. This look has inspired the customers from across the globe and it did great business. The comfort and convenience provided by the car is unmatched. Under the category of E Class, there is a good range of models. With a number of powertrain options, it offers 4- passenger coupe, 7-passenger wagon, 4-passenger cabriolet and a 5-passenger sedan. This time Mercedes focused on the design of the car and replaced the two front lights with a single headlamp. In addition to this, attention is also given to the bonnet and bumper of the car. Mercedes lovers can now enjoy the three-pointed star, which is the main identity of the brand.

As far as the engine of the car is considered, the E250 CDI engine is the most preferable for US buyers. The interior of the car is still the same. However, there are some minute changes such as the leather covering on the dashboard and the electric adjustments on the front seat so that the driver can set a comfortable position. In addition to this, there other electronics include Bluetooth connectivity, DVD, backup camera and USB port.

Across the line, the design and style is of standard quality. The coupe looks utter stylish with a sleek design and a premium quality interior, the sedan has a well-structured design and a enough room for a small family. Besides this, the cabriolet is available with a number of add-ons and styling elements. The roof of the cabriolet is made from soft fabric that gives it an elegant touch. The wagon is perfectly designed for family tours and picnics. On the other hand, the E Class has great safety measures for the passengers and driver. There are air front airbags, side curtain airbags, driving assistance system and a knee airbag to ensure safety of the Mercedes customers.

All in all, the E Class has several options for you. From comfort and safety to driving dynamics and luxurious styling, E Class is a perfect option. If the cost of the E Class models seems out of budget, do not worry because you can still enjoy the benefits of this Class by having used luxury cars. Yes, search for some online car sales and select any model from the Mercedes E Class. Houston car dealerships are very helpful in buying a used car at an affordable price. Start your search right now!



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