Cheapest luxury cars to maintain

Cheapest luxury cars to maintain

Written By Fred Patrick

Lexus Used Cars Houston


No matter which car we are buying either luxury or non-luxury, some of us are mainly concerned in the overall cost of the car. In addition to this, for some people, the depreciation, fuel-economy and repairing cost also matters. Thus, the evaluation becomes difficult for a common man. In this article, we will tell you the cheapest car in both the luxury and the non-luxury lines. Here you go:

According to the analysis made by the experts, Mazda is the cheapest car in the non-luxury category while in the luxury cars category, the distinction of being cheapest is with Lexus. This analysis was not made on just the purchase price of the car but it has been evaluated on other factors such as better mileage, depreciation, fuel-economy, cost of parts, repairing cost and so on. At times, the most expensive cars can save a lot of money for the initial years due to better mileage and less fuel consumption. Some cars even have the ECO pro mode that saves fuel when the car is just waiting in traffic jams or parking lanes. Many models of BMW come with the ECO pro mode. In some models, it comes as a standard feature while in others, it is optional.

When it comes to Mazda, which has been chosen as the cheapest car, experts are of the view that it has a high residual value. Not only is this, but the transaction price of this car is also low. Apart from it, the insurance costs of the Mazda models is also low and the fuel-economy is great. Thus, people who are looking for a low budget car in the non-luxury line should go for Mazda models. On the other hand, Lexus wins the race in the luxury line but one cannot say that Lexus is the cheapest cars from all angles. If we need further specifications, such as the cheapest sports car, cheapest coupe etc. then yes there is a great list of other brands as well. Ford Mustang is the cheapest car in the sports line while Mitsubishi Outlander wins the race in midsize SUV’s.

Thus, if you are planning to buy a car this year, then go for these models to save your budget. For a much lower cost, you can go for Lexus used cars Houston or other used models such as used Lexus RX 350 and used Lexus ES 350. Save your budget and enjoy driving a luxury car!


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