Drive and Features of Toyota Camry Hybrid – 2012

Drive and Features of Toyota Camry Hybrid – 2012

Written By Fred Patrick

Used Luxury Cars


With the advent of hybrid cars in the automobile industry, there is an immense competition between non-hybrid and hybrid vehicles. In this article, we will shed light on the features and driving experience of the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012 model. Here you go:


People who are looking for hybrid cars are usually looking for fuel economy and better mileage so that they can save their fuel cost and have a low cost ride every day. This is what the Camry Hybrid gives to its customers. The car has been well rated due to the better fuel economy and hybrid functions. The car is embedded with strong hybrid powertrain and it gets an EPA of 43 mpg at city and 39 mpg at highway. Having a smooth drive and comfortable seating, it is one of the best hybrid cars of the same class. Test drivers liked the light steering and easy to use functions of the car. The trunk space is 13.1 cubic foot that is a bit less than other cars of this category. It can accommodate four to five persons easily and has good head and legroom. Featuring a comfortable and classy interior, it has wood and leather detailing inside. The soft touch plastic used for the cabins adds a great look to the interior while the premium quality wood makes it more eye catching.


Embedded with a number of standard features such as push-button start, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, six-speaker audio system, proximity key, dual-zone automatic climate control and much more. Toyota Prius and Ford Fusion Hybrid are the two main competitors of this car. One can also upgrade it with the optional features and give it a sportier look. Available in numerous color combinations, the car can make you stand out of the box. Thus, it is a suitable car for those who want a simple family car with great fuel economy. Since it is a model of 2012, you can even buy a used model of Toyota Camry Hybrid. Used luxury cars can be purchased online through websites as well as private owners. However, websites is the most reliable platform in online auto purchasing. Besides this, you can also look for used cars for sale in Houston if you are looking for an affordable used Toyota model. There are some online car sales as well in which used Toyota models are sold at fair prices. For this, you need to start searching from today. Get your Camry Hybrid at an affordable price right now!


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