Lexus IS F Highlights

Lexus IS F Highlights

Written By Fred Patrick

Used Lexus IS 460

Lexus is a luxury brand having great fame in the automobile industry. In this article, we will discuss the features and drive of one of the best models by the brand, which is Lexus IS F. Here you go:


IS F is loaded with numerous high tech features. Embedded with a V8 engine, it has a perfect drive. The acceleration of the car is perfect and the bold looks make the drive feel like sitting in a race car. Besides this, the car provides a perfect control to you. The BREMBO braking system makes it easier to drive this car. As far as the interior is concerned, it is exclusively designed with bold looks and high quality material. Not only is this, but the BBS wheels and the ENFORM app of Lexus makes the car even more exciting. There is a great navigation system in the car along with a 7-inch display screen.


For music lovers, there is a Mark Levinson surround sound system. The car is also embedded with features that can recognize over 100 voices. Besides this, you can get help for maps and the information is provided in Spanish, French and English. For the assistance of driver, there is a backup camera, which is especially helpful for new drivers. Along with this, the IS F provides greater convenience in driving by providing the facility of replying to messages with oral dictation. This is an amazing feature and it does not distort your connection with pals on the go. The thrilling features do not end here. This list goes on and includes Bluetooth connectivity  with an auto synchronization of phone book, HD radio, advanced voice command, radio with tagging, and so on. These features are enough to tempt anyone for this modern and luxurious car.


In short, the car cannot be explained in words. You have to take a test drive to experience the convenience and ultra-modernism of this car by Lexus.  Having stylish look with bold colors, it makes a unique statement for the driver. The price of the car might look bit pricy to you. However, used car market is still a great option for you. Other Lexus models such as used Lexus lS 460, used Lexus IS 250, used Lexus GS 350, and others are high in demand. One can buy these cars and enjoy the luxuries at a much lower price than the brand new cars. Book your Lexus IS F today!


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