Reasons to love BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

Reasons to love BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

Written By Fred Patrick

From design to drive, there are numerous reason to select BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe this year as your luxury car. Here are the incredible features of this car:


The exterior of the car portrays an elegant touch with its fine finished color and bold looks. The car is embedded with adaptive LED headlights that make it easier to drive the car even in dark nights. Yes, visibility is no more a problem when you are in BMW 6 Series. Besides this, the sporty features of the car make it even more tempting. The twin power 8- cylinder petrol engine gives it enough power. On the other hand, there is 6- cylinder diesel engine as well. Thus, the car is fuel-efficient and provides you both diesel and petrol options. The car has no emissions and it is user-friendly in use.


In addition to this, this luxurious car is a package of high technology and modern features. Due to this reason, it comes with brake energy regeneration system that has the ability to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. The automatic start and stop functions lets the car to save fuel and the ECO PRO mode makes it even more efficient. The car takes you to the new world of entertainment with the great BMW apps. You can listen to your favorite sound track, get guidance of routes through apps, watch videos and connect with your friends while driving the car.

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe


The features of the car does not end just here, there are great driving assistance and safety features as well. You have the facility of parking assistance, backup camera, active cruise control, night vision, and much more. It helps the driver to drive the car at any route; even the fresh drivers can drive this car conveniently by using these features. The safety features are also great. This series is equipped with plenty of airbags, emergency calling system, and collision alert and so on. Thus, there is no single reason to love the car but every feature lets the customer fall in love with it.


You can order this car online from your home. If your budget is low, you can look for usedBMW for sale Houston TX. Besides used BMW 3 series Houston and used BMW 5 series, the 6 series also did a great business. Consult with your nearest dealer or find a dealer online to buy this luxurious car for your family!



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