Dynamic features in new BMW models

Dynamic features in new BMW models 

Written By Fred Patrick

New BMW Models


BMW has a unique position in the market of luxury cars. It offers wide range of models for the luxury car seekers. From the outclass BMW 5 series to sophisticated BMW convertibles, every car is manufactured in a unique style. Below are some of the unmatched features present in all new BMW models:

–          Driving assistance system

The driving assistance system is one of the best features in luxury cars. BMW offers this feature in all latest models to provide greater convenience. Now all BMW drivers can drive their cars easily. In some models, you can even find a system that records the driving speed at certain specific areas and then guides you accordingly. Besides this, there is a braking alert system and speed control mechanism.

–          Commendable safety features

Outstanding safety features are one of the reasons why people go for luxury BMW cars. The car is equipped with numerous airbags for both front and back seats. Besides this, an emergency calling system as well as collision alert provides greater safety. Not only is this, but there is a knee airbag as well. Special safety features are present for children and anti-lock brakes provide much safety.

–          Climate control

Since it is a luxurious brand, every model offers a climate control system. Yes, the passengers can easily set the temperature according to t their own choice. Besides this, there are different lighting options to make the desired environment. Even in extreme cold, you can set a warm climate and relax in your car while going home from office.

–          Turbocharged diesel and petrol engine

Another distinction of BMW cars is that they come with both diesel and petrol twinpower turbocharged engines. Besides this, the car is fuel-economical as well as user-friendly. In addition to this, the car is environment-friendly as there are few emissions.

Thus, BMW models are loaded with amazing technology. It is due to this reason that the demand for these cars is in full swing. Having numerous SUVs, convertibles and wagons, it caters small as well as big families. Even the used versions such as used BMW X3 Houston, used BMW x5 Houston, used BMW x1, and other models are high in sales. These models are available online. One can book the desired model from home by making a deal with a reliable website. These websites also ship the car with easy terms and conditions. BMW also provides warranty and numerous optional features as well.



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