BMW 3 Series Hybrid

BMW 3 Series Hybrid – Highlights

Written By Fred Patrick

BMW 3 Series has thrilled its lovers around the globe. To honor this great invention, a parade was held in Germany. Likewise, the series was a biggest hit in America and it stands among the best luxury selling cars. Here are some highlights of it:

In the year 2013, a change was occurred in the wagon of 3 Series while the convertible and coupe was still the same. This new version is available with the turbocharged four-cylinder engine that provides more power to the car. Available in three version, sedan, coupe, and convertible, the 3 Series also offers a number of optional features. The standard features of the car are amazing such as a dual-zone automatic climate control, iDrive electronics interface, automatic headlights, leather premium vinyl upholstery, automatic wipers, 6.5-inch display, HD radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more.

Coming towards the design and styling of the car, this four-door version is far better than the two-door model. It gives a more contemporary look with its classy interior. The passengers can change the color of interior lights and make it more appealing by setting the climate and colors combination as per the mood. This new model is available in four different versions such as Sports, Luxury, M Sports, and Modern. Offering a 13 cubic feet trunk space, the car is spacious. It provides enough room for head and leg. Front and back seats both are comfortable and classy. The leather is of high quality and the material used for compartments is soft and smooth.

Used BMW 3 Series

As far as the driving dynamics are concerned, the car got great ratings in this regard. The drive is smooth and the steering is responsive. In addition to this, there are a number of safety features including traction and stability control, side curtain airbags, antilock brakes, and much more. Besides this, BMW 3 Series also assists the driver in parking the car and guides towards safe driving. In short, the car is a perfect luxury model and offers variety of options. Whether it is a coupe, sedan, or convertible, complains are a rare case in this 3 series model.

If you are feeling excited for the above-mentioned features, book your BMW model right now.Used BMW 3 series Houston cars are available at affordable rates. If your budget is low, you can search for used luxury cars and get your dream car. You can also look for pre-owned cars for sale online and book your favorite model!


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