Mercedes B Class – Electric Drive

Mercedes B Class – Electric Drive

Written By Fred Patrick

Mercedes B Class Electrical Drive

Mercedes stands out of the crowd, when it comes to luxury cars. Offering a wide range of compact cars, it has embedded every sort of modern technology in tis cars. Now it is the time for something new and thrilling. Yes, this time Mercedes excited the customers with its electric drive system. Here are some great features of this exciting B Class version of 2014.

No matter in which country you are, you can experience the dynamic features of Mercedes everywhere. In United States of America, Mercedes has launched its new electric drive car in the B Class. According to the test drivers, the car is embedded with great features and a glass top that makes it look even more thrilling. On the other hand, there is some criticism as well. Some of the test drivers are not happy with the interior material and headroom. However, Mercedes has kept its focus on the electric drive system this time. Mercedes claims that the car just takes two hours to get charged and then it can go up to 60 miles. It is likely that Mercedes will add more exciting features in the car such as safety and entertaining features to make it a perfect luxury package. Customers who want cost-effective driving solutions can now fulfill their demand by having this new B Class model.

In spite of the battery pack, it still gives you a luggage space of 23.5 cubic feet, making it easier to load things and use it as a family car. The car is embedded with 100 kW motor and it can run up to 115 miles after getting fully charged. Thus, it provides you cost-efficiency and time-saving as well. You do not have to run here and there for fuel. Charge it fully and then drive the car without any worries. Thus, the car is a perfect solution for cost saving. Fulfilling the modern requirements, Mercedes has set a great example with this model. It is likely that the car will come up with more exciting features in the new future.

Used Mercedes Houston cars are already high in demand in the luxury car market. Besides this,used Mercedes E class also did a commendable business. Now it is expected that new as well as used B class model will also make a record. These used luxury cars is a great way of experiencing the modern technology at a lower price. Book your B Class model right now!


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