Buick Verano Highlights


Written By Fred Patrick Buick Verano Highlights

In the automobile industry, luxury is usually associated with big sized cars. Buick breaks this tradition and provides high-class luxury even in the compact cars. In the year 2014, Buick Verano came with new features and design. Here are some highlights:

This model of Buick thrilled the target market with its amazing new features. Manufacturers added more safety features such as lane-departure warning system and forward –collision system. However, Verano is an entry-level car, but it still offers a fine interior design and a seating capacity for four individuals at a time. As far as the engine is concerned, Buick gives two options to its customers. In addition to this, the car is available in four different trim levels such as Verano with the Leather Group, Verano, Verano with the Convenience Group, the base trim, and Verano with the Premium Group. Except the base trim level, all versions now come with the standard heated seats. Not only is this, but the six-speed automatic with a manual-shift is also standard among all. The car gets an EPA of 21 mpg at city and 32 mpg at highway.

This new model of the year 2014 got a five star rating for its amazing safety features. Thus, if you want a car with perfect safety and protective features, Buick Verano is the car for you. An On Star system enables calling in case of emergency. Besides this, it has an emergency button and it locates stolen vehicle as well. The seats of the car have enough head and legroom and driver of any height can easily sit in it. A 7-inch touchscreen adds an attractive appeal towards the car. Besides this, the infotainment system keeps the passengers entertained on the move. In short, the car is perfect for a small family. Composed in an exclusive style, the car has a responsive steering, great cuts and well-designed interior. The braking system, acceleration, and engine are also commendable and it runs smoothly no matter which road is it. It offers a huge list of standard features and there are some optional packages too.

If you want to enjoy all these features, search for the latest Verano right now. In case, if your budget is low, you can have a used version of the car. You can also look for it among the used cheap luxury cars. Car shipping Houston is convenient so you can easily book the car from home. Book your car and ride with pride.


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