Subaru XV 2014 – Highlights



Written By Fred Patrick

Sabaru Houston 2014

Subaru has been successfully producing hybrid cars since a couple of years. In the XV version, it introduced a completely hybrid version, Yes, it means that the car can go under electric power. Thus, it provides gazillion of benefits to you. Here are some details of it:

In the year 2014, some new advancement was observed in the hybrid line of Subaru. Along with advanced navigation, it now comes with smartphone integration. Besides this, there is a standard all-wheel drive. Customers have the choice to select either continuously variable automatic transmission or five-speed manual transmission. It comes with a seating capacity for five passengers at a time. Besides this, you can select your favorite trim level as per your needs. Different trim levels of the car includes 2.0i Limited, Hybrid Touring, 2.0i Premium, and Hybrid. When it comes to the interior of the car, you will feel blessed with the soft touch material and fine finish. There is some criticism regarding the sound system, as the base of the car is not up to date.

Some test drivers are of the view that the main purpose and focus of the car is to increase fuel-economy. Fuel consumption is low and the drive is smooth.  Whether it is a snowy steer or a smooth road, you will feel a tradition Subaru drive. The structure of the overall car is good and the space is enough for small families. Besides this, the car also provides protection on the go with its safety features. It is embedded with airbags, antilock brakes, head restraints, and other protective features. The base trim level offers great features such as 17-inch alloy wheels, tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, USB port, cruise control, air-conditioning, six-speaker sound system, and much more. In case, if you want an upgraded sound system and navigation system, you should go for the limited and premium trim levels. Thus, the Subaru XV is a perfect car and it is the best option for those who are highly concerned with fuel-economy rather than other features.

If you cannot afford to buy a brand new model of Subaru, go for the used model. Other luxury cars such as used BMW convertible, used Mercedes Benz Houston TX cars, used jeep wrangler Houston cars, and others are doing a great business. These used cars are also high in demand. You can buy your Subaru model online through a website or any other reliable dealer. Book your car right now!


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