Highlights of Subaru Legacy

Highlights of Subaru Legacy


Written By Fred Patrick

Affordable and comfortable cars are not that difficult to find. A number of midsize cars are available in the market that can satisfy the daily travelling needs of your family. Subaru Legacy is one of the most affordable cars in the market. If you are looking for such cars, Subaru Legacy is the right choice for you. Here are the details of this car:

–          Engine and transmission

Starting from the engine, you get two choices in it. Either you can equip the car with a V6 engine or you can have a four-cylinder engine. Some of the car experts came up with a review that the four-cylinder engine provides better results. The engine runs smoothly and gives enough power to the car. Besides this, the car is fuel-economical and gets an EPA of 34 mpg at highway and 24 mpg at city. On the other hand, you also get good options in transmission. Having all options, such as manual, variable, and automatic, the car provides full liberty to the customers. According to the car experts, Subaru works well when equipped with a continuous variable transmission.

–          Interior features

The car is equipped with a number of features. All of these features are easy to use and provides ultimate luxury to the passengers. You can have features like smartphone app integration, Bluetooth connectivity, lane departure warning, audio systems, auxiliary audio jack, adaptive cruise control, USB port, and much more.

–          Space and material quality

As far as the space is concerned, the car provides good head and legroom to the customers. Besides this, the cargo space is also not that bad. Some of the car experts have criticized about the material quality after having a test drive. However, the compartments are interior environment is good.

In short, the car provides good amenities. It is suitable for all those people who want to have an affordable travelling solution with great fuel-economy. Subaru will not put you in trouble on the go as the engine is quiet and runs the car smoothly. Many luxurious cars such as used BMW m3, used Mercedes GLK, used jeeps Houston and other cars are high in demand. You can also buy a used version of this car if you cannot afford to have a brand new version. Besides this, you have other options like leasing and financing the car from dealer. Do some online research and then book this car through a professional dealer.



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