Review of Subaru XV Crosstrek 2014

Review of Subaru XV Crosstrek 2014


Review of Subaru XV Crosstrek 2014

Written By Fred Patrick

Subaru XV is one of the best crossovers available in the market. In the year 2014, this brand has introduced the Hybrid version for the first time and it is a great hit. The fuel economy in the Hybrid version is commendable and the features are unmatched. Here is the overview of this car:

Since a couple of years, Subaru has been coming up with successful crossovers but this time, it has introduced some new features in it such as smartphone integration and Hybrid versions. At low speed, the Hybrid version of the car can run completely on electric power and in this way, you can enjoy the fuel-economy and save your budget of fuel.  It has a seating capacity for five passengers at a time and comes in four different trim levels. As far as the storage space is concerned, XV provides you abundance of space to carry your luggage. The given space is 22.3 cubic feet, but you can enlarge it by folding the rear seats. In this way, you can get 51.9 cubic feet of storage space. However, the trunk space in the Hybrid version is a bit less due to the presence of a battery. In the Hybrid model, you get a trunk space of 1.7 cubic feet. When it comes to the features of the car, you get a standard all-wheel drive and a five-speed manual transmission. Other basic features of the car includes a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, USB port, 17-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, six-speaker audio system, a 60/40-split-folding rear seat, auxiliary jack, heated front seats, and much more. Besides this, it gives you an option of a continuously variable automatic (CVT) or a five-speed manual transmission.

As far as the critics are concerned, they are about the touch screen and the sound system. Some test drivers did not like the quality of sound and functions of touchscreen. In short, the car is a reasonable choice for people who want a stylish crossover within their budget. Since the car is also available in Hybrid version, it is likely to attract all price-sensitive people due to fuel-economy. Other well-known cars different brands such as used Mercedes c300, used BMW x6 Houston, used jeep wrangler Sahara, are in demand. The second hand cars are also in demand among people having a tight budget. If the car looks expensive to you, buy a second hand version and experience all the features at a remarkably low cost.


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