Review of Mercedes Benz E Class 20132014-09-30

Review of Mercedes Benz E Class 2013


Written By Fred Patrick

Mercedes Benz E Class came up with a new look last year. Having a big name in the luxury automobile industry, car lovers are always waiting for the new models of Mercedes to come up. Under this category, Mercedes introduces several models such as 7-passenger wagon, 5-passenger sedan, 4- passenger coupe, and 4-passenger cabriolet. Test drivers liked the new features and sophisticated styling of the E Class version of Mercedes. In this article, we will shed light on the specifications of this car. Here you go:

The former models came with two front lights. In order to add sophistication and a modern touch, these two lights replaces a single headlamp. Besides this, some improvements are also made in the interior of the car. The dashboard comes with a stylish leather covering and the interior offers other great features such as DVD, Bluetooth connectivity, back up camera, USB port, and so on. Not only is this, but the front seats are made more comfortable with the electrical changes in them. Besides this, a bonnet and a bumper are also added and the most demanding identity of Mercedes, which is a three-pointed star, is styled in an exclusive way. In addition to this, the car offers a number of safety features. These features include front airbags, side curtain airbags, driving assistance system, knee airbag, and much more. Through the different models, E Class caters different categories of customers. From large sized families to individuals, every sort of customer can enjoy the dynamic features of E Class. Cabriolet offers a number of optional features thus it is easy to upgrade this model. On the other hand, coupe is designed for middle size families whereas sedan satisfies the needs of a small family.

In short, Mercedes E Class provides dynamic driving solutions for every driver. Embedded with a smooth running engine, quick acceleration, and responsive steering wheel, the car provides a great ride on every road. The interior provides commendable comfort and the exterior makes you stand out of the box. You can buy a brand new Mercedes model through a dealer or if your budget is low, you can buy used Mercedes Benz Houston TX cars. Used Mercedes e class is a highly demanding car and the second hand version will enable you to experience all the luxurious features at a low cost. Search online for Mercedes Benz used car and get the car at your doorstep.


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