BMW i8 – A new plug-in hybrid car

BMW i8 – A new plug-in hybrid car!


The new BMW i8 is successful in impressing the customers with its great features and functionality. In this article, we will discuss some features and highlights of this car. Here you go:

This exclusive car is a great hybrid vehicle that comes with a lithium ion battery and an electric motor. The engine of the car runs smoothly and you will save huge amount for fuel when travelling in i8. With the electric mode, the car can run as fast as 75 mph and go up to 22 miles. The car thus provides great efficiency and effectiveness on the go. Test drivers of this car are of the view that the car provides great mileage. However, some noise issues are associated with it but experts are of the view that the car gets high ratings due to its exclusive styling. The construction of the car is lightweight and the interior welcomes us with its classy looks. The trunk space of the car is less and you get around 5.4 cubic feet of space. Thus, the car is not that spacious and if you are looking for a spacious hybrid car, you should consider some other options.

The car is available in three different trim levels that are Tera, Giga, and Mega. All trim levels offer exclusive features and the sports mode further adds to its luxury and convenience. The illumination system of BMW is also commendable and the manufacturers are of the view that the car can illuminate up to 2,000 feet. Not only is this, but the leather and other material used for the car is of great quality. It is likely that the car will do great business around the world. As far as the price is concerned, it is a bit high and one can have other cars in this range. However, BMW has its own style, level of comfort, and brand identity in the mind of customers. If you want to experience the drive of this car, you can book it online. Since the new version of the car is expensive, buying a used model is a smart decision. Used BMW 3 series Houston, used BMW 5 series, used BMW x6 Houston, and many other used models of BMW are available at websites on reasonable rates. In addition to this, you can also buy this model through financing options or by trading in your old car with this new model. Experience luxury in a new way and book this car online!


The advantages and disadvantages of Mercedes Benz C Class 2014-10-30

The advantages and disadvantages of Mercedes Benz C Class


Mercedes Benz C Class comes up different features and this article would focus on the benefits and negatives of this luxurious car.

Several people believe that this car is embedded with different attractive features but certain individuals and critics claim that there are certain negative perspectives too. The luxury feel of this car is the core advantage of this car and C class offers state of the art automobile technology to its customers. There are different trim levels in this car, it comes in coupe, and sedan forms. This car comes up with a four-cylinder and possess standard features like seven-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive and comes up with different models to attract the customers. There are different standard and safety procedures with the car that attracts different customers. The car offers different benefits to the customers by upgrading the car and this car is not at all cheap because it gives high-class luxury to the customers. However, different test drivers claim that the price of this car is high as compared to other models and competitors present in the market.

The modernized features attracts the customers towards itself. This car offers different dual-zone technology for climate control, dimming rearview, LED running lamps, audio connectivity, etc. This car also focuses on different Multi Media options to benefit the technological enhanced users. The attractive smartphone integration option proves to be beneficial for the users in both the short and the long run. The collision alert system, traction control for antilock brakes and related features enhances the safety system of the car. These features give the users an attractive touch and enhance the convenient usage of the car. However, several critics claim that the price value of this car is not as attractive as other models of Mercedes still it is a better option for certain alternatives available in the market.

Conclusively, this car is a high-class option for different buyers and comes up with attractive option but on the other hand, it is a bit pricy. People can buy a Mercedes C Class at a significantly lower price than the new one and this option is buying a used Mercedes c class. The used Mercedes c300 did a great job in different regions and it is one of the most significant vehicles.  There are different options to search for this dream car but evaluating its current condition in the used model is a must. That is why individuals can search for the used Mercedes Benz Houston TX from their nearest car show rooms.

Infiniti EX 2013 offers

What does Infiniti EX 2013 offers


If you are fond of sports cars, you must have heard about the Infiniti EX 2013. Featuring some great amenities and a luxurious interior, it grabs the attention of all sports car lovers out there. This article will shed light on the main features of the car. Here you go:

The car mainly caters the needs of technology lovers since it is a sports car. People looking for spacious interiors might get bit disappointment with this car. It is due to the reason that the EX does not provide good space. Back seats lack some legroom and it might become difficult for tall adults to adjust. Available in base and journey trims, the car provides some great standard features such as cruise control, dual-zone automatic climate control, a rearview camera, 7-inch display, and much more. Seating capacity is for five persons at a time and the new engine can store up to 3.7 liters. If you want luxurious amenities in the car, you can opt for the optional packages. One of the packages include the premium package through which you can have driver memory functions, adaptive xenon headlights, eight-way power passenger seat, upgraded interior trim, 19-inch wheels, and much more.

In addition to this, you can also have a technology package. This package provides extra features of modern technology and you will feel real luxury on the go. Besides this, the crash test of the car is successful and it received great ratings for it. Seven-speed automatic transmission is the standard transmission that comes with the car.

Even new drivers will find it easier to drive this car. It is due to the reason that the car is embedded with great driver assistance system. The camera in the car can view 360 degrees and the features are simple in use. In this way, the driver can drive the car with ease. Not only are this, but the infotainment system feels impressive and you will not feel bored on the go. If buying a brand new car is out of your budget, you can head towards a sued version of this car. Some renowned luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz used, used BMW for sale Houston TX, used Lexus Houston Texas, and other luxury brands are doing a great business even in the used form. If you want to experience all the features of this luxury car, you can buy it in the used version and enjoy driving at a low cost!

A short review of Ford Edge 2013

A short review of Ford Edge 2013


A number of midsize crossovers are available in the automobile market. Ford Edge 2013 is one of them that got positive ratings. Let us see the features and specifications of this car:

Featuring a sophisticated and modern interior, the car comes with numerous features. Besides the standard features of this car, safety features are also commendable. It is embedded with a V6 engine of a capacity of 3.5 liters. Unlike other cars, Ford Edge provides you the facility to adjust the speed limits whenever you handover the car to your child. Thus, even teenagers as well as age-old drivers can easily drive the car. Some basic safety features include cross-traffic warning systems, antilock disc brakes, full-length side curtain airbags, and blind spot monitoring system, and so on. Different trim levels of this model are available and the fuel economy is great. The car gets an EPA of 19 mpg at city and 24 mpg at highway.

The base trim level comes with numerous features such as a trip computer, cruise control, 17-inch alloy wheels, CD player, reclining rear seats, and much more. The car can accommodate five passengers at a time and provides great entertainment on the go. All the features are easy to understand and the infotainment system provides great convenience. Since Ford Edge is a luxury car, you feel the real elite look on the go. Exclusively styled interior has fine finish and meticulously designed leather seats. These seats can be adjusted as per the convenience of the passengers. As far as the space is concerned, you will find good room in the car. Headroom is enough for both back and front seats while there are few critics regarding the legroom for the rear seats. Another critic is regarding the transmission of the car as some test drivers reveal that the transmission is slow. On the other hand, people have praised the composed handling and list of features offered by this car. Car experts recommend having a test drive before making your final selection. You can opt for your suitable trim level and can upgrade the car as well.

This model is high in demand even in the used car lots. Some competitors include used Lexus SUV Houston cars, used BMW convertible, and used Mercedes Benz Houston TX, and so on. Check some car selling websites and inquire about further details of this model. You can take advice from your dealer regarding the trim level that will suit you.

Specifications of Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

Specifications of Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014


Written By Fred Patrick

Grand Cherokee has been dramatically changed in comparison to the models of the last generation. From ride quality to interior cabin, everything has been redefined in the new model. Jeep lovers from across the globe love the new change and are excited to have a test drive of this car. This new model competes well with some popular Jeeps of this category. Some models of this jeeps are considered as specialty models as they come with extra features of body protection and unmatched ride quality. In this article, we will discuss the basic features of Grand Cherokee 2014. Here you go:

Having three different trim levels, it has one high performance model, which is the SRT8 model. The seating capacity of this car is up to five passengers at a time. A great list of standard as well as optional features is present to select. The base trim comes with different features like dual-zone air-conditioning, a six-speaker sound system, 17-inch alloy wheels, full power accessories, auxiliary audio jack, and much more. As far as the SRT8 is concerned, it comes with luxurious features like 20-inch forged aluminum wheels, paddle shifters, Brembo brakes, LED running lights, performance-tuned steering, and so on. There is a standard five-speed automatic transmission and a V6 engine that comes with the capacity of 3.6 liter. It gets an EPA of 16 mpg at city and 23 mpg at highway. In addition to this, the cargo space of this car is 35 cubic feet. This space expands up to 69 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded. Head and legroom is impressive and the car is designed in such a way that rugged driving will be a great fun for you. Cherokee has good off-road capability and it competes well with its rivals.

In short, if you love to have a car that can be used for both routine driving as well as for adventurous journeys, this is the right pick for you. Have a test drive and observe the ride quality. You will be impressed with its good room and easy handling. If the car seems impressive, book it right away. However, if it is not in your budget, you can look for used jeeps for sale in Houston. Used jeep wrangler unlimited is easily available online at fair rates. You can also search for used jeep wrangler Houston TX or visit some used-car websites. Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 is also available in a used version.

A review of Lexus RX 350 2014

A review of Lexus RX 350 2014


Lexus inspires its customers through the unique styling and incredible features of its cars. In this article, we will provide an overview of Lexus RX 350 2014. Here you go:

If you are seeking for a comfortable ride with impressive interior cabin and top notch material details, you should have a test drive of RX 350. Critics on this car are very low and few people raised the concern of a third row seat lacking. The driving dynamics of this car seems to impress huge clientele and the smooth V6 engine that comes with the capacity of 3.5 liters provides enough power to the car. The car is available in two different trim levels. The base trim of this car comes with features like dual-zone automatic climate control, cloth upholstery, automatic headlamps, a power liftgate, eight-way power front seats, rear privacy glass, and much more. The other trim level, which is the F Sport version, comes with more features.

Besides the standard features, there is a huge list of options available for you. You can also have an optional package with the car such as The Display Audio package, The Luxury package, The Navigation package, The Driving Assist package and so on. This model comes standard with the front-wheel drive and a six speed automatic transmission. On the other hand, the F Sport version of this car comes with a standard eight-speed automatic transmission and rear –wheel drive. The base trim gets an EPA of 18 mpg at city and 25 mpg at highway while the F Sport trim gets the rating of 18 mpg at city and 26 mpg at highway. In addition to this, the cargo space of the car is also impressive. Ample of space is present to put your luggage in it. Besides this, the interior of the car has modern amenities and you can opt for the remote touch system that lets you control all the features through a mouse like device. A great sound system, better comfort, and excellent ride quality makes it a must-try car.

As far as the cost is concerned, it might seem pricey to you. People are going towards used Lexus Houston Texas cars to enjoy the luxury at a lower cost. Used Lexus IS 250 Houston and used Lexus IS 460 also did a great business so far. You should search a reliable dealer who deals in used cars to buy a second hand model of RX 350.

Specifications of Jeep Wrangler SUV 2014

Specifications of Jeep Wrangler SUV 2014


Jeeps come in various styles and designs. Jeep Wrangler has its on demand in the market and the first choice of the majority of Jeep lovers is wrangler. In this article, we will provide a review of this model. Here you go:

This jeep is available in three different trim levels that are the Rubicon trim, sports trim and the Sahara trim level. Both four door and two door versions of the car are available. The Sports trim is the basic trim levels that comes with numerous features such as manual locks and mirrors, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, front and rear tow hooks, a tilt-only steering wheel, crank windows, heated power mirrors, a height-adjustable driver seat, and so on. Other trim levels come with more advanced features and add up to the cost of the car. The car can ride smoothly on almost every street and road but it has some critics too. Some test drivers are of the view that the retractable top of the car is difficult to install while others raised questions regarding the off-road capability of the car. With these critics on side, Jeep wrangler 2013 still did a great job in impressing a huge clientele around the globe.

Four-wheel drive is standard in the car and it features a V6 engine with the capacity of 3.6 liter. Besides this, there is a standard six-speed manual transmission in the car and optional five speed automatic transmission is available as an option. The car gets an EPA of 17 mpg at city and 21 mpg at highway. As far as the trunk space of the jeep is concerned, you get 86 cubic feet of space in the four-door version after folding the rear seats. Besides this, test drivers are of the view that in the four-door model, three persons can still comfortably as there are some issues with the legroom. In short, this jeep is still high in demand and jeep lovers like to upgrade it well with the numerous optional packages and the stand-alone options. Some websites also sell used jeep wrangler Houston in good condition and pocket-friendly rates. If you want to experience the drive of this car, ask your dealer about the used jeep wranglers for sale in Houston. In comparison to the two-door model, used 4 door jeep wrangler is highly popular. Start looking for a reliable dealer online and book your desired trim level right now!