Lexus LS – A perfect car for small families

Lexus LS – A perfect car for small families


Among several other luxury automobile brands available in the market, Lexus has its own demand and position in the mind of customers. In this article, we will shed light on the features of Lexus LS. Here you go:

When we hear the name of Lexus, luxury and convenience comes to mind. Meticulously designed, this car has one of the best styling and design. It comes with a welcoming interior and an F Sport version of this model is available that comes with executive seating. Not only is this, but there are other amenities in the car as well. You get the convenience of connecting your cell phone with the Lexus Enform App Suite and talk to your peers on the go. Besides this, you can enjoy your favorite track as the car is embedded with Mark Levinson sound system. The LS model features high quality interior and it is equipped with a V8 engine. The engine capacity id 4.6 liters and it provides enough power to the car. Not only is this, but the fuel economy is also commendable and the car gets the ratings of 16 mpg at city and 24 mpg at highway.

Due to the amazing fuel-efficiency and less emission, it is a certified car in terms of fewer emissions. This made the car even more demanding around the globe. Lexus LS is equipped with a standard an eight-speed sequential-shift automatic transmission and a rear wheel drive system. The car gives the option of multiple features and packages such as the F Sport package, All-weather package, Semi aniline leather package, Executive class package, Air suspension package, and so on. Apart from it, it is embedded with all the basic features of a luxury car and provides great protection to both the passengers and the drive. Numerous safety features of the car gives you a relaxing experience and you can drive the car with peace of mind. In short, the car is suitable for small families and can be upgraded with more modern features and luxuries.

Some other Lexus models such as used Lexus IS 250, used Lexus ES 350, used Lexus GS 350, and others are high in demand in the used car market. You can also buy a brand new model of LS but if the price is out of your budget, going for a used car is the best option to experience the luxury of this car. Contact with a used car dealer and book your car!


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