An overview of Infiniti M 2013

An overview of Infiniti M 2013


Infiniti M can be the right choice for those who are looking or sophisticated cars. Having some amazing features, the car impresses a huge target market. In this article, we will discuss the features of this car. Here you go:

The car provides two options for the engine, one is the V6 engine and the other one is the V8 engine. According to the car experts, V8 is the preferable engine for Infiniti M. The car features a seven speed automatic transmission and provides a modern looking interior. Some test drivers have said that the car is meant to serve the luxury car seekers and it is not the right choice for frenetic driving. The seats are comfortable and the features are user-friendly. As far as the head and legroom is concerned, it is average. Infiniti M provides a number of basic features such as infotainment system, satellite radio, navigation system, Bluetooth, satellite radio, and much more. Besides the basic features, there are several optional features in the car. Not only is this, but the car is affordable in cost in comparison to its competitors. There are four main optional packages available for you. These packages include a premium package, a sports package, a technology package, and a deluxe package. Besides this, you can choose the trim level of your choice. This midsize luxury car is available in three different trim levels. These trim levels are M35h, M56, and M37.

The cargo space of the car is 14.9-cubic-foot while in the M35h it is 11.3 cubic feet. The car is well known due to the advanced technical features and there is no competitor of the car in terms of these high tech features. In the M37 trim level, the EPA is rated at 18 mpg at city and 26 mpg at highway. In short, the car comes with impressive features and styling. Ride quality is also great and the gearshifts of the car are quick and responsive. If you want to experience luxurious driving and all these technological features, Infiniti M is the right choice for you. If you have low budget but you want to have this luxurious car, you can search it in used luxury cars. Used cars Houston are easily available at reasonable price. You have to visit some used car websites for this. In addition to this, you can also get this model in pre-owned cars for sale lots. Start searching now!


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