How to open a locked car door

How to open a locked car door


Many times, we forget the keys of the car inside it or misplace it somewhere else. Making new car keys is possible but we should know an alternative procedure to open the door of the car in case of urgency. This technique can be used for opening the lock of old cars. Modern cars that come with electronic locking system cannot be opened through this way. In this article, we will talk about opening the car door lock with a wire. The process is simple and easy. Here you go:

Some people use a specific tool designed to open the locks. However, this tool is used for illegal means; some modern cars cannot be opened through it. For opening the lock of the car, you will require a wire. You can use a wire used to hang clothes. This wire is usually not that straight. A tool is used to straight this wire. Buy this tool or bring it on rent from the car shop. Straight the wire as much as you can with this wire. Now create the hook at the end of the wire so that it can easily pull the lock. Once you have prepared the wire, your next step is to insert it inside the car. Usually a car door wedge is used to insert the wire inside the car. However, you should insert the wire delicately so that the paint of your car is not affected. After inserting the wire, direct the hook at the lower side of the lock and drag it in upward position so that the hook can pull the lock of the door. You might not succeed in your first attempt but keep on trying and you will surely be able to open the lock in this way.

This technique is common for opening the door lock but it is recommended to keep a duplicate key of your car for such emergencies. If you a modern car with modern locking system, you cannot use this technique for opening the door. If you want to buy a car with latest locking system, you can buy a luxurious car. However, if your budget is low, you can consider used luxury cars. Houston used cars are easily available through websites and can be shipped easily. Search online for the best-used car to buy and get the car with all latest amenities. You can also consult with an online dealer in this regard.


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