Specifications of Jeep Wrangler SUV 2014

Specifications of Jeep Wrangler SUV 2014


Jeeps come in various styles and designs. Jeep Wrangler has its on demand in the market and the first choice of the majority of Jeep lovers is wrangler. In this article, we will provide a review of this model. Here you go:

This jeep is available in three different trim levels that are the Rubicon trim, sports trim and the Sahara trim level. Both four door and two door versions of the car are available. The Sports trim is the basic trim levels that comes with numerous features such as manual locks and mirrors, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, front and rear tow hooks, a tilt-only steering wheel, crank windows, heated power mirrors, a height-adjustable driver seat, and so on. Other trim levels come with more advanced features and add up to the cost of the car. The car can ride smoothly on almost every street and road but it has some critics too. Some test drivers are of the view that the retractable top of the car is difficult to install while others raised questions regarding the off-road capability of the car. With these critics on side, Jeep wrangler 2013 still did a great job in impressing a huge clientele around the globe.

Four-wheel drive is standard in the car and it features a V6 engine with the capacity of 3.6 liter. Besides this, there is a standard six-speed manual transmission in the car and optional five speed automatic transmission is available as an option. The car gets an EPA of 17 mpg at city and 21 mpg at highway. As far as the trunk space of the jeep is concerned, you get 86 cubic feet of space in the four-door version after folding the rear seats. Besides this, test drivers are of the view that in the four-door model, three persons can still comfortably as there are some issues with the legroom. In short, this jeep is still high in demand and jeep lovers like to upgrade it well with the numerous optional packages and the stand-alone options. Some websites also sell used jeep wrangler Houston in good condition and pocket-friendly rates. If you want to experience the drive of this car, ask your dealer about the used jeep wranglers for sale in Houston. In comparison to the two-door model, used 4 door jeep wrangler is highly popular. Start looking for a reliable dealer online and book your desired trim level right now!



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