Infiniti EX 2013 offers

What does Infiniti EX 2013 offers


If you are fond of sports cars, you must have heard about the Infiniti EX 2013. Featuring some great amenities and a luxurious interior, it grabs the attention of all sports car lovers out there. This article will shed light on the main features of the car. Here you go:

The car mainly caters the needs of technology lovers since it is a sports car. People looking for spacious interiors might get bit disappointment with this car. It is due to the reason that the EX does not provide good space. Back seats lack some legroom and it might become difficult for tall adults to adjust. Available in base and journey trims, the car provides some great standard features such as cruise control, dual-zone automatic climate control, a rearview camera, 7-inch display, and much more. Seating capacity is for five persons at a time and the new engine can store up to 3.7 liters. If you want luxurious amenities in the car, you can opt for the optional packages. One of the packages include the premium package through which you can have driver memory functions, adaptive xenon headlights, eight-way power passenger seat, upgraded interior trim, 19-inch wheels, and much more.

In addition to this, you can also have a technology package. This package provides extra features of modern technology and you will feel real luxury on the go. Besides this, the crash test of the car is successful and it received great ratings for it. Seven-speed automatic transmission is the standard transmission that comes with the car.

Even new drivers will find it easier to drive this car. It is due to the reason that the car is embedded with great driver assistance system. The camera in the car can view 360 degrees and the features are simple in use. In this way, the driver can drive the car with ease. Not only are this, but the infotainment system feels impressive and you will not feel bored on the go. If buying a brand new car is out of your budget, you can head towards a sued version of this car. Some renowned luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz used, used BMW for sale Houston TX, used Lexus Houston Texas, and other luxury brands are doing a great business even in the used form. If you want to experience all the features of this luxury car, you can buy it in the used version and enjoy driving at a low cost!


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