BMW i8 – A new plug-in hybrid car

BMW i8 – A new plug-in hybrid car!


The new BMW i8 is successful in impressing the customers with its great features and functionality. In this article, we will discuss some features and highlights of this car. Here you go:

This exclusive car is a great hybrid vehicle that comes with a lithium ion battery and an electric motor. The engine of the car runs smoothly and you will save huge amount for fuel when travelling in i8. With the electric mode, the car can run as fast as 75 mph and go up to 22 miles. The car thus provides great efficiency and effectiveness on the go. Test drivers of this car are of the view that the car provides great mileage. However, some noise issues are associated with it but experts are of the view that the car gets high ratings due to its exclusive styling. The construction of the car is lightweight and the interior welcomes us with its classy looks. The trunk space of the car is less and you get around 5.4 cubic feet of space. Thus, the car is not that spacious and if you are looking for a spacious hybrid car, you should consider some other options.

The car is available in three different trim levels that are Tera, Giga, and Mega. All trim levels offer exclusive features and the sports mode further adds to its luxury and convenience. The illumination system of BMW is also commendable and the manufacturers are of the view that the car can illuminate up to 2,000 feet. Not only is this, but the leather and other material used for the car is of great quality. It is likely that the car will do great business around the world. As far as the price is concerned, it is a bit high and one can have other cars in this range. However, BMW has its own style, level of comfort, and brand identity in the mind of customers. If you want to experience the drive of this car, you can book it online. Since the new version of the car is expensive, buying a used model is a smart decision. Used BMW 3 series Houston, used BMW 5 series, used BMW x6 Houston, and many other used models of BMW are available at websites on reasonable rates. In addition to this, you can also buy this model through financing options or by trading in your old car with this new model. Experience luxury in a new way and book this car online!


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