Luxurious features of Lexus 350

Luxurious features of Lexus 350


Among several other modern sports car in the market, Lexus 350 model is one of the best options for all sports car lovers out there. In this article, we will discuss the highlighting features of this car. Here you go:

The car is embedded with modern technology and comes with a standard eight speed automatic transmission. The engine runs smoothly and the quiet drive makes you enjoy frenetic driving on long routes. The interior seems appealing to the buyers as it gives you an option to adjust the climate as per your choice. You can adjust the lighting, climate, and many other features. Ambience is up to the mark and the functionality is simple. This car will come with a revised version in the coming year2015. Entertainment features are commendable and the sound system comes with excellent beats.

The standard features in the base trim level includes High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, rain wipers, telescoping steering wheel, power moon roof, and so on. Buyers are glad to have all those features as standard in the car that is optional in the former models. The interior is composed of high quality material and leather seating provides you ultimate comfort. Besides having a perfect sound system and a classy interior, Lexus keeps you connected with your pals on the go. There is a free App Suite in the car and the ability to search helps you in finding your destinations. Besides this, you can enjoy social media on the go and get updates about the latest news. In short, Lexus gives you all modern amenities in a single package and lets you feel luxury in a unique way. Having an excellent interior, superior styling and out of the box features, it makes your unique identity on the road. This sports model is embedded with great driving assistance system and has all the safety features to ensure a safe drive on the go.

New as well as used Lexus cars are available online on full payment and leasing options. Search for some reliable and professional dealers. You can consider Houston car dealerships in this regard. On the other hand, there are online car sales in which used cars are sold at reasonable prices. Search this model in these sale lots and you may get it a lower price. Experts recommend that investment in this car be worth doing as it has a good resale value. Check out all the buying options and book your car!


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