Features of Toyota 4Runner SUV 2013

Features of Toyota 4Runner SUV 2013


However, there are a number of cars with new styling and new frames but still some people love to have the traditional cars with an old frame. In order to satisfy such customers, Toyota came up with the 4Runner SUV. Having a traditional frame, it comes with latest features and provides a commendable ride. Here are the major highlights of this car:

4Runner SUV is a midsize SUV that is offered in three different trim levels. These trim levels of the car include Limited, Trial, and SR5. The trail model is available only with the four-wheel drive while the two other trim levels of the car come with options, rear wheel and front wheel drive. The car can accommodate five passengers at a time as standard. However, this capacity can be extended up to seven passengers if an optional third row seat is added. The base trim level of the car comes with features like a power-lowering liftgate window, an eight-speaker sound system, air-conditioning with second-row vents, rear privacy glass, a height-adjustable driver seat, skid plates, cloth upholstery, and much more. There is a standard five-speed automatic transmission in all trim levels and the engine is V6 that comes with the capacity of 4.0 liters.

The fuel economy of the car is average and it gets an EPA of 17 mpg at city and 23 mpg at highway. However, the EPA gets to 17 mpg at city and 21 mpg at highway with the four-wheel drive. In addition to this, there are a number of safety features in the car and due to this; it got four out of five ratings in the crash tests. The cargo space is commendable and you get a space of 47 cubic feet. However, you can also get up to 90 cubic feet of space after folding all the rear seats. In short, the 4Runner SUV is a suitable car for families. You can use it for routine driving and get an amazing ride. Besides this, you can also upgrade the car as per your needs.

You can also buy a second hand SUV at an affordable price. Cars like used Mercedes c class, used BMW Houston, and used Lexus cars are high in price in comparison to used Toyota models. The luxury of these cars justifies the price but if you are not concerned with the top class luxury, you can buy this Toyota model for your family!



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