BMW X6 – A high-end luxury car

BMW X6 – A high-end luxury car


By Fred Patrick

BMW X6 – A high-end luxury car

If you are in search for an unmatched car with extraordinary luxury and world class features, there is just one brand to go for and that is BMW. Known for its commendable luxury and excellent quality, it always serves its customers with something incredible. Like other cars by this brand, BMW X6 is also a biggest hit. Here are the major highlights of this car:

However, the car is loaded with all the best functions and modern technology, but the knobs and buttons are easy to use. Many of its features are self-intuitive and it will not take much time to understand the functions. Comfort level is up to the mark as the seats come with new adjusting options. Besides this, you can create an interior environment if your choice by changing the lights and controlling the climate. X6 comes standard with an eight-speed Steptronic sport transmission. Besides this, an intelligent energy management system lets the car to consume less energy. Thus, the drive will be pocket-friendly for you in this way. On the other hand, X6 has a lightweight construction and the car looks appealing from both the interior as well as the exterior.

Not only is this, but the car is also embedded with rear seat entertainment. No, even the back passengers can watch their favorite movies on the go. The 9.2’’ monitor on the back seats provides a perfect entertainment on the move. Besides this, the Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system provides you the music with best beats and sound. No matter where your journey is, you can now enjoy your drive in BMW X6. Things just not end here; a number of BMW apps are also present to provide you convenience. There is no need to take out your smartphone and look for destinations. The apps are there to do everything for you. In short, luxury is at its peak in this car and you will feel like sitting in your next home when you are in this luxurious car.

It is obvious that all this luxury is expensive. This high-end luxury car is not pocket-friendly for the middle class families since the price is too high. However, buying a used BMW Houston model is a good option.Used luxury cars are easily available in low rates than the brand new models. You can buy this X6 model of BMW through Houston car dealerships and experience the luxury driving.


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