2014 Mazda Miata Highlights

2014 Mazda Miata Highlights

Written by Fred Patrick

2014 Mazda Miata Highlights

Among several other sports cars available in the market, Mazda Miata 2014 is one of the biggest hits in the market. Having a number of attractive features and commendable performance, this car has amazing ratings. Here you go: Miata comes with an exclusive design. Featuring a soft top, you can enjoy an open-air experience by opening the top. It features a four-cylinder engine that has great capacity. The car can accommodate two persons at a time and provides real luxury. The modern feel and exclusive looks of the car lets you feel unique among the crowd. The interior cabin is composed of fine quality material and the perfect finish creates great ambience. You can enjoy short and long trips in the car by having a comfortable driving experience.

As far as the features of the car are concerned, a number of features are present as standard in the car while many optional features are also there to upgrade it. The base features include parking assistance system, USB port, real time traffic information, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more. On the other hand, the car is fuel-economical in use as it consumes less fuel and the emissions are less. When it comes to the cargo space of the car, you might get a bit disappointment. However, this space is justifiable with the accommodation capacity of the car. Since it is for two persons, the trunk space is given in accordance with it. A number of protective features are present in the car to keep the drive safe for you. Due to this reason, it has been tested many times before coming in the market. In short, the car is intended to serve all sports car lovers. The exclusive styling of the car lets you be noticed on the road. Now, you can enjoy every season and even the rain by going headless in your Mazda Miata 2014. Thus, the car is suitable for couples. You can enjoy a long way drive with your loved one with peace and have a wonderful experience of tranquility and ambience.

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