Ford and Luxury Models 2014 Editions

Written by Fred Patrick
 Ford and Luxury Models 2014 Editions

When we have many options, selection becomes difficult. There are a number of automobile brands in the market and every brand comes with new models each year. Many of us want to have a family car and this selection becomes simple if we know a particular brand. In this article, we have selected Ford as it has great fame and provides premium quality to the customers. Let us have a look at the family car models by Ford:

Two models by Ford are the best solution as a family car. One is the Ford Fiesta and the other one is the Ford Escape. Fiesta comes with the accommodation capacity for five persons at a time and there are two engine choices. You can have either a four-cylinder engine with the capacity of 1.6 liters or a three-cylinder engine with the capacity of 1.3 liters.

This car is not only affordable but it is fuel-efficient as well. Due to the pocket friendly features of the car, the car is supposed to be perfect for families. Besides this, the seating comfort and the styling of the car are also done in accordance with the family requirements. In addition to this, Ford Escape is another great option as a family car. Escape also provides many comforting features. It has been tested through crash tests and provides a safe journey through its safety features. The engine of the car gives great power and the accommodation capacity reveals that the car is suitable for small to midsize families.

There are many other sort of cars by Ford. It also has a big name in sports, SUVs, crossovers, and hatchbacks. It is basically a model of average luxury and the price is affordable. Thus, people who are looking for affordable driving solution and comforting features, should opt for this brand. Car experts gave positive reviews for both of these models. Besides this, upgrading the models is simple through the optional packages. These models are also available in online car sales. Besides the new version, used version of the car is also available. By getting a second hand version, one can save budget and enjoy all the features at a low cost. You can also have a look at the lots of pre-owned cars for sale since they are also budget friendly. Some models of Lexus used cars Houston are its competitors but Ford is doing a great job in satisfying the customers’ requirements.


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