What makes the BMW X3 your top choice in four wheel drive segment Written by Fred Patrick

As BMW Motors greatly emphasize on their SUV segment with top-notch models, an addition of the X3 is one of a kind. The manufacturer launched a new range of BMW X3 in 2013, with a heavy-duty turbo charged engine, fuel economy that speaks for itself and excellent handling that delivers a unique off road adventure on such trips for occupants. The X3 has two trims: xDrive28i and xDrive35i. Both these models are a unique subject matter of pride for buyers who find it difficult to choose between them due to their sheer regard of elegance in all segments. Starting with the xDrive28i, it has well supplemented engine under the hood, as such, it is a 2.0-liter, turbocharged, inline, with four cylinders, producing an output level of 240 horsepower.

The engine is well integrated by the execution of an eight-speed automatic transmission in its gearbox. Next up is the xDrive35i, which has a 3.0-liter, turbocharged, inline, six-cylinder engine that produces an output of 300 horsepower. The engine also paired by an eight-speed automatic transmission with the addition of paddle shifters.

The gas mileage is largely considerable, with 21 mpg in city and 28 mpg on highway for the first model, while the other model, xDrive35i carries 19 mpg in city and 26 mpg on highway. The V4 and V6 are reported to be one of the most powerful SUV engine produced by the BMW Motors, prompted by integrated excellence in acceleration, gas mileage, handling and durability. Overall, the brakes and steering precision is well supplemented in the X3. A very practical approach has been adapted by the BMW in its suspension, as the X3 is a standard all-wheel drive vehicle. The suspension, there is deft packed with sporty handling and does not leave any hint of a harsh ride on bad terrains.

The interior is crammed with top level of technology, multimedia and in hand functions in the likes of a leather-wrapped steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, audio and cruise controls, BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, HD radio, USB connectivity and a 12-speaker stereo system. Moving on, it features adaptive safety measures, such as a lane departure warning system, rear view camera and BMW Assist that delivers emergency services. Quick hand controls to stereo and climate controls and a supplemented infotainment system, better than ever. You can find the X3 in range of used BMW X3 Houston and all other highline BMW available being pre owned with less miles.


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