Proactive benefits of the Bentley continental GT 2014

Bentley is always considered as a car known for its design and performance and the new model of this car that is known as the 2014 model is available as convertible as well as four-passenger coupe. This car comes up with impressive interior material and the quality is eminent from the design of this car. This car speaks for its features and that is the reason why several individuals prefer this car to others. There are two different options available in this car; one comes up with the w12 engine while the other one is embedded with the v8 engine. Experts believe that both the cars provide eminent performance to the car and the entire cars depict optimum value because of these engines. The ride of this car is proactive in nature and it’s attractive as compared to other cars present in the market.

There are certain standard features of this car that would include aspects like dual-zone automatic climate control, digital music storage, voice controlled features, wood veneer trim, heated steering, etc. These features comes up as the general features of the car and there are certain optional features too that would benefit the car performance and the interior design of the car.

These packages are known as convenience package, exclusive package and driver assistance package. People can enjoy the standard packages if they do not want an extra package with their cars and the standalone option of the cars are proactive in nature and they are better than different cars present in the market. The car provides an all-wheel drive across the entire line. A standard eight speed automatic transmission would enhance the performance of this car. The fuel economy of this car is eminent in nature that would attract the customers towards this car. It gives an EPA of 15 mpg at the city while 24mpg at the highway. It focuses on different safety features too and that is the reason why it stands out amongst other cars when it comes to offering safety features to the customers. The interior of the car is made with state of the art luxury leather and the wood of interior is made up of premium quality.

All in all the entire car is developer to focus the target market of upper class customers buy here pay here audience with it is embedded with numerous luxurious features.

This car is targeted towards small families and people can enjoy different attractive variants of this car. Besides that car, people can have other used Lexus cars to consider.


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