An attractive car: Lexus RX 350 2014

An attractive car: Lexus RX 350 2014

Written By Fred Patrick

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There are different cars that are embedded with state of the art technologies and provide its customers with eminent driving experience. However, certain cars are regarded as the luxurious entities and people actually feel proud when they own them. That is the reason why several individuals that can afford luxury cars prefer Lexus RX 350 of the year 2014. The car possesses strong features and it comes with unique styling.

The incredible features of this car attract the car in both the short and the long run. This car not only provides eminent comfort to the individuals but it also provide a comfortable ride and with impressive interior cabin that gives a proactive touch to the people sitting in the car. The test drive of this car clearly depicts that how attractive this car is from inside and outside.

There are very rare critics of this car and very minimal people believe that this car possess any flaws. Most of the individuals believe that all the aspects of this car are up to the mark and that is the reason why several corporate managers and people of high-income group prefer this car. The driving dynamics of this car is relatively smooth as compared to other cars and the V6 engine ads power to this car. There are two trim levels of this car, which are known as the base trim level and the F Sport version. The base level consists of dual-zone automatic climate control, leather interior, automatic headlamps, etc. The F Sport trim level comes with extra efficient features. There is a huge list of features available to you when you opt for this car. However, added features come up with additional prices, the basic model comes up with front – wheel drive, and six speed automatic transmission. One the other hand the F Sport version comes with eight-speed automatic transmission and a rear wheel drive.

The base level trim gets an EPA of around 18mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway while the F Sport trim gets the rating of 18mpg in the city while 26 mpg on the highway. This car not only is a performance-oriented car but it also provides eminent space to the passengers. It is embedded with all state of the art amenities and that is why several individuals prefer this car. This car is an excellent compilation of comfort, luxury cars houston effective sound, excellent ride, etc. People who can afford it should definitely buy this car and attain long-term return on their respective cars. Besides this model, people can also opt for used Lexus IS 250 Houston.


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