Specifications of the attractive Mercedes- Benz M class

Written By Fred Patrick online car sales

There are numerous cars available in the market and these cars are considered as the mid-size luxury crossover but Mercedes Benz M class is one of its kind and it pertain a specific position in the minds of the customers. The car is certainly pricey as compared to different other cars present in the market but this is mainly because of the attractive brand name the car possess. The car is pricey because of the ultra-modern features of the car. Similarly, people can upgrade the car as per their choice and people can make the car according to their specifications. There are certain features of this car that can attractive the individuals towards this car. Some of these features of the car are listed below:

There are different trim levels present in the car and it possesses the seating capacity of five passengers at a time. The basic features of the car include a dual-zone automatic passengers at a single time. Different basic features of the car would include aspects like climate control, heated front seats, 19 inch wheels, power front seats, power liftgate, communication system, Led running lights, etc. There are certain optional features too of this car, which would include premium 1 package, lighting package, sports package, lane tracking package, driver assistance package, etc. All these packages would enhance the power of the car and give the car an attractive touch that would become beneficial for the user.

This car is equipped with V6 engine and it would produce proactive online car sales 273-pound feet of torque and a horsepower of 302. The capacity of engine is around 3.5 liter and it comes up with standard seven-speed automatic transmission. The basic trim levels of the car come with the standard rear wheel drive system and it gives an option of the car of all-wheel drive system. The car gets the fuel average of 18 mpg in the city while 24 mpg on the highway. Customers can get good cargo space with around 80 cubes after folding the rear seats of the car.

This car is an attractive car that would attract all the customers towards it that can afford this car. The price is a bit high but people would love this car when they would evaluate the features of this car. Used Mercedes ml350 and other cars of different trim levels can be bought under the similar price range. However, evaluation of used cars is an important perspective to ensure quality.


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