BMW 5 series 2013; an executive car to have

Written By Fred PatrickBMW 5 series 2013

The BMW 5 series 2013 perches right at the top of the executive saloon pile. It really is that good. When we think about the brands, BMW series 5 definitely tops up the chart in our mind. The brand provides comfort and luxury. The BMW 5-series earns credit for creating the notion of the sport sedan and by time they have grown heavier, wider, and longer in their range. They have mastered to deliver a nuanced ride that many other luxury sports sedans haven’t mastered. The new 5-series also led to a much improved design adrift from old BMW controversial design. The news 5-series comes up with more upright classic sports sedan design which makes it more elegant. In short German manufacturers have provided you with everything you want in your dream car.

The specification tells you a lot about the excellence of 5-series. They have installed a new turbocharged four cylinder base engine which is more efficient compare to other model sedans. The new turbocharged base cylinder provides an incredible 528i making 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet and the peak torque is reached around 1,250 rpm, and the excellent transmission of automatic 8 speed holds perfect with it. Beyond the 528i, dedicated green performance fans should consider the Active Hybrid5 with a 300 horsepower turbocharged six cylinders which add a lot more value to the vehicle.

The interior of the car BMW 5 series is as soothing as any other classic car. The front seats are superb in design whereas the elevated back seats space is excellent. With a slightly elevated backseat, lots more legroom and plenty of headroom and (a great view out), carrying passengers with comfort is one of the 5-series strength. Another exception to the car is a new multifunction display with multiple gauge layouts depending on which dynamic driving mode you are in. Rain sensing wipers, power heated mirrors, xenon headlamps, and dynamics cruise controls are some stand out specifications of BMW 5-series 2013.

Overall, this care comes up with all the safety measures in it. With the insurance institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) naming the 5 series sedans a Top Safety Pick, The federal government giving them a five star overall rating in all. Electronic aids such as break fade compensation, break standby and the break driving help the performance in certain situations. Conclusively the car is well equipped and equally balanced and for further you can compare it along used audi Houston.


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