What makes 2014 Cadillac XTS a royal car Written By Fred Patrick

Cadillac motor car division, is a division of U.S based General Motors Company (GM) which offers luxurious vehicles such as SUV’s, Sedans, and crossovers. The 2014 Cadillac XTS isn’t just larger than the luxury brands ATS and CTS sedans; it follows a different set of priorities and royalties.

If someone’s looking for comfort, technology as much as the performance, Cadillac XTS must be the perfect choice. The designing and modeling is near to perfect and in fact it has outboxed the vehicles of same generation in many ways. The makers didn’t plan to make it a typical sporty sedan yet given its more comfort oriented features it proved to be an athletic vehicle, surprisingly. The car proved to be a family car and if you fancy buying a car according to the passenger’s accommodation, then your priority should be the 2014 Cadillac XTS. The XTS comes in standard guise, plus in luxury collection, premium collection and platinum collection versions. Talking about the specifications and features, the makers have put in the efforts to make it a perfectly balanced car, both outside and inside.

The smoothly styled sides and softly arched roof line makes it a truly good looking car by every means. The base 304 horsepower, 3.6 L V6 is smooth and predictable with a six speed automatic transmission tells you a lot about the efficiency of super engine installed, yet the car is very quiet inside which is considered as a royalty for many. At the centre of the XTS’s instrument panel is a reminder of this sedan’s leading edge feature: an eight inch fully capacitive touch screen similar to the technology used in pads and tablets. There are not too many physical buttons inside to get annoyed with, it’s simple yet elegant. The Seats are more comfortable cheapest used luxury cars as they provide luxury cars in Houston extra foot space and head space for the passengers. When it comes to safety, the Cadillac XTS 2014 comes up with extensive safety measures that you won’t get in many cars. There’s even a system that enables the driver to stop instantly from 20 mph which helps in reducing pedestrians accident, for instance. The federal government executives have also given their verdict by giving it a 5 star rating in safety aspect. The Cadillac XTS 2014 is a top notch in every aspect. The car is designed for both long and short routes with an excellent fuel mileage too. The car has everything, which is necessary to beat the royalty, and if you are thinking to have one do visit cadillac dealership Houston.


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