What’s new in the 2015 BMW M4

Written By Fred Patrick

2015 BMW M4 With the new 4-series taking the previous 3-series coupe’s place in the BMW line up, the M4 is a new name BMW Pre owned cars Houston for an-all new version of previous M3 coupe. Many, many changes have been brought to the new addition but foremost among them is a new turbocharged, powerful, potent base engine. A bump on the hood hints at the extra power underneath, with a much more aggressive and aerodynamically effective set of body work at nose, sides and tail gives it a much sporty look.

The BMW automakers have enhanced the range of 4-series by introducing Gran coupe, which means they are eager to dominate the sedan/coupe market for another year. With the 4-series range expanding, the 2015 M4 retains the powerful engine choices, excellent driving manners, innovative technology and stylish design. The distinctive thing about the 2015 M4 is the room for five, and is able to carry cargo easier, largely thanks to its wide opening lift gate. The 2015 M4 takes the performance traits of its previous models with a bit enhancement to its agility, acceleration and road balance. If you are fond of throwing your car into the corners, the M4 with its wider stance and lower center of gravity will be the perfect partner for you. The friendliest thing about the 2015 M4 is the introduction of free scheduled factor maintenance.

The maintenance includes oil change, brake pad, discs replacement and drive-belt maintenance. The 2015 M4’s interior cabin is quite luxurious for those in front and just adequate for rear seat passengers. The control panel is within the reach of driver, and the iDrive system has start getting familiar to the users. Other changes that have been brought inside are the M badges, upgraded sports seats, power mirrors and racier looking carbon fiber trim which add to the high performance look and a luxurious cockpit like feel. Under the hood; The 2015 M4 comes with a 3.0 liter twin turbocharged engine with its entire unit upgraded and improved to its previous model. The engine is capable of producing a mammoth 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque which is unbelievably fast and potent. The 2015 M4 coupe hits 0-60 in just 4 seconds when it’s coupled to a six speed, rev-matching manual transmission, a perfect choice for authentic shift lovers. The average mileage of 18/26 miles per gallon will provoke many economical coupe enthusiasts and they will love to have a test drive at credible dealers like used Lexus is 250 Houston.


Does the 2012 Audi Q5 live up to the expectation of SUV enthusiasts

The 2012 Audi Q5 is an eye catching five passengers SUV that take styling cues from its older sibling, the Audi Q7. The 2012 Q5 hit the ground running, offering state of the art multimedia and upscale amenities one would expect from a premium SUV. The Q5’s sophisticated design and nimble driving features ensures its place a top contender in the highly contested SUV market. If you are opting to buy a SUV on striking exterior priority, the 2012 Audi Q5 is the answer to your quest. The interior layout is simple yet elegant. Inside, it’s a well executed driving environment with the sort of stylish simplicity, trimmed with rich materials that add a luxury undertone. It’s more fuel efficient compare 2012 Audi Q5 to its previous model and the driving impression is more direct and responsive. With more than enough headroom and legroom, the seats are luxurious and firm.

Furthermore, the 2012 Q5 has excellent build quality and a light and refined feel overall. The noise is on a bit high; still it doesn’t exceed the unbearable level. Overall, the SUV handles more like a car, with the lean, responsive feel of a lower riding wagon, the steering as in previous model, has a bit damp feel. The 2012 Q5 also remains an IIHS top safety pick for 2012, and it has one of the most complete sets of safety features in this class.

For 2012 Q5, the V6 models add a sleek S line package with titanium finished 20-inch 5-spoke wheels, matte black roof rails, and window frames. Audi drive select is an optional and as in other Audis allows the driver to dials in choices for steering feel, transmission shifts, and throttle tip in. A satisfying balance of ride comfort and dynamic handling has traditionally required compromises on both sides of equation, but it’s the technology that continues to write its rule. The Audi Q5 3.2 features a 3.2 V6, all wheel drive and a manually selectable Tiptronic 6 speed transmission. Despite the four cylinders super torque figures, the V6 edges over V4 with an additional 60 horsepower. This helps the car to accelerate from 0-60 mph just in 6.7 seconds. The EPA mileage of this premium SUV is around 20-22 miles per gallon which is quite fair and acceptable. Among the top compact crossovers, the Q5 is the cheapest, safest and reliable SUV. You can compare car the specifications with used BMW x3 Houston.

2009 BMW 750i Or 2009 Mercedes Benz S550, which Sedan should you pick

The new corporate Puritanism extends to automobiles, too, but in this area you have a little bit more latitude. These two dominant cruisers are arguably the flagship sedans with prestige brand names. Both the sedans are elegantly subliminal and likely to attract many sedan enthusiasts just by their shape. Both offer power, comfort, upscale interior modifications and sophistication in technology.

In 2007 we judged the BMW 750i’s blend of bridge-girder solidity, advance technology, pulse-raising performance, distinguish interior, and a quiet operation with a whole day long comfort. However, the reviews showed us that the Mercedes Benz S550 remained the tough competitor to BMW with equally matched specs and a slightly better interior, which is obviously a trademark for Mercedes S class vehicles. The BMW automakers have worked hard to upgrade their interior designing but still they aren’t competitive to a simple smooth designed Mercedes. The Mercedes S class also won the best looking interior honors in 2007. When picking a vehicle, the thing that tops the podium is the dynamics of that vehicle. Drive test have proved that the Mercedes was as quick as the BMW was but again when it comes to handling and ride quality, Mercedes outclass BMW by a slight margin. The mid range throttle response of Mercedes was a bit smidge over BMW and it’s exhaust note, though subdued

, Mercedes Benz S550 was distinctively more satisfying. In order of scoring magnitudes, both the sedans are exceptional buy used Mercedes . The offending elements were ergonomics. In exterior styling, interior styling, shocks, and finishing, the sedan enthusiasts have rated the 2009 Mercedes S550 a bit better than the seven series BMW 750i. When it comes to power generation, the twin turbo 4.4 L V8 engine of BMW 750i can generate a productive 360 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque which is enough to carry the body mass and the acceleration which is admired by everyone. The Mercedes Benz S550 has a wonderful power train. The 5.5 liter V8 is rated at 382 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque and its silken power flow meshes well with the smooth, silent shifting of the 7-speed automatic transmission. Discussing about the fuel consumption, BMW 750i edges over Benz S550 by a small margin. Conclusively, we can sum up the discussion that the Benz is competent, the BMW is compelling. The Benz is willing and the BMW is eager. You can further visit used Mercedes Benz Houston TX to have a practical ride difference.

Volkswagen Houston


Used Volkswagen

The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle is not the type of car you buy because you need it, but because you absolutely want it. It has been summarized as a car that deliver heavily on style, image, emotional appeal, and ownership that transcends mere transportation. The 2012 Beetle is an attractive selection in its own way. All of its mechanical and technological features are as remarkable as you expect from the name, Volkswagen.

The powerful engines wrapped up in familiar road shapes are efficient enough to carry the image of excellent Volkswagens that we use to know. The car gets attractive by its design and striking shape, the 2012 Beetle will definitely force you to like it both from inside and outside. If you own a Beetle 2012, it’s obvious that you are making an unmistakable style statement. The road impression of the Beetle 2012 is surprisingly more than expected. The car provides you with comfort, luxury, athleticism and a phenomenal road grip. The car does everything well and efficiently. The steering is direct and responsive, and the overall behavior is compact, safe, and even refined. The 2012 Beetle’s interior layout is elegant and sophisticated whereas the instrument panel is highly attractive and accommodatingly functional. The interior is a testament to the fundamentals of a clean and simple design.

The 2.0 L turbocharged, a favorite of many in numerous Volkswagen products makes 200 of horsepower. The turbocharged comes up with 3 bonus gauges for boost, timing and oil pressure. With most of the 205 lb-ft of torque on offer @ 2500 RPM, the Beetle turbo drops the 0-60 Mph to well under 7 seconds. The Beetle is more vocal than ever, but it’s quite endearing to Beetle enthusiasts. The major upgrade by automakers is in rear suspension section. The upgrade has helped in flattening the handling and beefing up the road grip. The turbo Beetle comes equipped with a XDS, an electronic system that tries to simulate a locking differential. The redesigning of Beetle has given it a masculine shape. It’s approximately 3 inches wider and a half foot longer from its previous models resulting in more legroom and headroom for both the passengers and the driver. Volkswagen has a strong history in designing crash safety vehicles and the 2012 Beetle is no exception. The car has a decent selling record and it’s definitely an affordable luxurious vehicle recommended by credible dealers such as used Mercedes Benz Houston TX.

Why 2012 BMW 528i has become the best selling Sedan of 2012.

BMW 528i is a line of stylish mid size sport sedan, with a focus on efficient performance and advanced high tech features. While the new 2012 528i is packed with enough performance related technologies to make any serious enthusiast wary, the driving experience feels remarkably connected and direct. Despite all the electronics and technology enhancement, the 2012 528i does give a real sporty drive sensation.

It has a great natural sensation on center and plenty of roads feel in tight corners. Driving dynamics control helps the 5-series fill your need, whether that’s taking on a canyon road or taking your family to a picnic. The 2012 5-series has a very traditional sports interior, if you look at the seating layout. The front seats are as comfortable as you expect from the BMW automakers. There is plenty of trunk space that too with enough legroom.

The 2012 BMW has kept its reputation of equipping its vehicle with luxury and comfort along with a smooth, safe and athletic road drive. Active blind spot detection, a lane departure warning system, Xenon adaptive headlights, active cruise control and a new second generation night vision system are some of the outstanding specification offered by 2012 528i.

The time is changing, and the preferences for base engines have been changed as well. The BMW 528i makers were well aware of that hence the traditional line six cylinder base engine has been replaced by turbo charged four cylinders. The very reason behind the substitution was to make the sedan look and work like a sports sedan. The new 528i base engine can make 240 horsepower and 2550lb-ft of torque. The best thing about the engine is; the torque can reach its limit at just 1250 RPM. The auto stop start technology bmw used cars Houston enhances the fuel mileage, which means the car will be auto shutdown when not needed. With its break regeneration and other fuel technologies, the car is meant to give you EPA rating of 23 miles per gallon in city and 32 miles per gallon at highway. The BMW already has an excellent reputation for its safety aspect; the 2012 528i has an excellent handling plus one of the best tuned electronic stability control system. There are many other high tech safety features such as brake fade compensation which adds confidence to your drive. You can find your dream BMW such as 528i and others at used BMW x3 Houston.

Why Honda pilot 2012 is a perfect choice family SUV

Written By Fred Patrick
Honda pilot 2012

The Honda pilot 2012 is one of the finest choices SUV for everyday, on the road or for family use. Especially, if you are the type of eschew minivans, the boxy body yields a lot of room which makes it a perfect Minivan SUV for your family. The Honda pilot 2012 is a newly designed and redefined model, which is by far better to the previous models of Honda pilot. A major change is the substitution of that old fashioned grille which was highly criticized. The substituted grill has give the car a new look, which makes it a high creased, macho look SUV. The interior themes were considerably good for the previous model but in 2012 Honda pilot, the interior has enhanced drastically. With a car like unibody design, bolstered structurally with some of the benefits of SUV, the pilot is able to draw from the best of both worlds.

Ride quality is definitely on the firm side but the optional four wheel drive system has made it a perfect SUV for deep mud or snow. The interior is roomy and provides enough legroom and headroom for the passengers in back seats. Front seats are generously sized and excellent for the long road trips. Despite its size, the SUV offers a firm handling. The suspension limits the body roll, squat, and Houston dealerships used cars dive which make the long trips smooth and comfortable.

The 2012 Honda pilot’s engine comes equipped with Variable Cylinder Management(VCM) technology, allowing for an uptick in horsepower and torque as well as an excellent fuel economy. The advantage of VCM technology is that the car can run on three, four or six cylinders according to the driving conditions and requirements. The 3.5 L base engine has the ability to generate 250 horsepower @ 5700 RPM and 255 lb-ft of torque @ 4800 RPM. With such big horsepower engines, it’s difficult to deal with fuel consumption. The Honda pilot with its better fuel consumption can give up to 18/25 miles per gallon which is outstanding for such huge size SUV’s. Family safety is probably honda southwest freeway the top priority for both the automakers and customers. The Honda pilot is definitely your top notch in safety prospect. Side curtain bags cover all three rows and its feature set is just as good as any other vehicle in this class. Test drive results have proved this car is perfect in every aspect. You can compare this car to used jeep wrangler Houston for better results.

What makes the 2014 Cadillac XTS a prestigious family Sedan

A soft, cushy ride has defined Cadillac’s large cars for generations but the XTS 2014 breaks from that tradition to redefine the driving impression to go perfect with a full size sedan. The main reason behind this change is to recognize the XTS for what it is; a full size sedan, not a sporty sedan. The XTS is the largest car in Cadillac’s line up. It’s also the only one based on a front wheel drive platform, though all wheel drive option is also available. The car also gains more features such as rear entertainment and a self parking system. The car is a full size sedan that enables you to carry your whole family in ease.

Not many sedans provide as much space as this sedan does. The 2014 Cadillac sedan also offers a commendable balance between comfort and handling. The full size sedan is competent when cruising over a smooth surface and remains poised even when the road is scarred. The Cadillac’s ability to soak up the bumps is due in large part to its standard magnetic ride control suspension, which adjusts to varying road condition in a span of milliseconds. On the value side of equation, the XTS undercuts most Europeans and japanese rivals while still offering plenty of features.

Right from the beginning, Cadillac is considered to be the most royal interior designed car amongst all. Step inside the Cadillac XTS 2014 and you will experience a rich, impeccably assembled cabin. The seats are covered in rich leather and the designing borderline also enhances the royalty. The passengers are privileged with enough legroom and a massive 18 cubic-foot trunk. The standard 8 inch touch screen center controller is appealing, unique and exceptional. The Cadillac XTS exterior design includes windswept headlights and side creases befitting the large sedan. Less obvious yet helpful is a capless fuel filling system that means you never have to unscrew the covering before your refueling. The Cadillac XTS 2014 base models use a 3.6 liter direct injected V6 which is responsible to produce an efficient 306 horsepower. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and the quality of suspensions used is excellent. The standard V6 runs on a regular unleaded fuel, and the average mileage is fairly appreciative. The car value is almost parallel to its competitor and you can have your own test drive for XTS and used BMW x3 Houston.