2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE: technology personified

Hybrid 2012 is America’s best selling midsize vehicle. But it didn’t get there by making bold statements only. The car has everything that has forced the experts to give their positive verdict. The Entune-powered 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE offers perhaps the best blend of performance, efficiency, and cabin comfort in Toyota’s portfolio of vehicles. Powered by a combination of powerful 2.5 L Atkinson cycle, direct injected gasoline engine,

Camry Hybrid sends a total of 150+ horsepower through its CVT to front wheels. 2012 brings the Camry’s interior game up a few notches with brushed-metal trim and a new dashboard that is injection molded, then stitched to create the latest in automotive interiors crazes; the faux-stitched dash. Compare to the Sonata and Fusion, the Camry 2012 Toyota is setting a new bar for luxury squishy dashboards. Evolution rather than revolution was the key in making the Camry Hybrid a super hit model.

The interior of car was an exception among the same sized sedans. They have installed a gauge which is more likely a gauge cluster. It has four needles, three LCD’s and a plethora of status lights and importantly a LED that’s shows your instant MPG. To design it more like a family car, the automakers have provided a cushion of comfort as the rear seats can be folded if necessary. The initial models of Camry hybrid lacked the desire of acceleration that mid sized sedans should have and hence the other competitors such as Ford and dodge charger outscored Toyota in numerous ways. In addition the initial models weren’t as swift as their competitor sedans. In 2012 Camry hybrid, the automakers ditched the old Hybrid drive-train system for an all-new system resulting in a larger four cycle Atkinson engine having the ability to generate 156 horsepower with more powerful motors as well. Largely thanks to the 199lb-feet of torque the motor delivers from 0-1500RPM, acceleration is considerably better than the Prius twisting out a 6.9 second run to 60. For some reason, car shoppers in America buy vehicles for their peak load rather than their average load. In light of this the Camry Hybrid (like it’s mid-size hybrid competition) may just be the ideal vehicle for the average American delivering a solid 40MPG, seating for five and few compromises. Talking in whole, the car is an exception in the same type of other sedans considerably dodge charger, Chevrolet and used Lexus is 250 Houston


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