2013 Mercedes Benz E Class: value your money

The Mercedes Benz E class may be the most diverse mid size luxury car line on the planet. In 2013, Mercedes Benz has created a vehicle that is many things to many people. It is an elegant form of a luxurious sedan, mostly preferred by business elites. The E class 2013 is more like a sporty and stunning variant edition of sedan. With all is specification, you just can’t find a better sedan than this. If you ask any sedan enthusiast about the E class, his answer would be all praise for the Mercedes for providing them with such a luxury.

The E class 2013 proved to be the toughest competitor for big names such as Chevrolet, Audi and Toyota. The automakers have designed such a monster that its powerful engine, sleek interior, and adequate bulky body have no rival. In short, you just can’t find a complete midsize sedan more than this. The car is both firm and responsive tight bends and as smooth as you like on highway. Its suspension provides a new height of confidence and the relation with the power steering is reasonably informative. Those seeking ultimate fuel economy have the option to choose between hybrid powertrain and clean diesel engine.

Every Mercedes E Class comes with fully loaded necessary equipments that we expect from the brand. Combining elements of vintage sedans of old and coupe with rear fenders and its signature front design, the 2013 Mercedes Benz E class is distinctive and trademark like Mercedes. The cabriolet shares the coupe’s modified grille and boasts an elegant soft top that blends nicely into its sharp bodylines with a classic look BMW used Houston . There are some vantage points that make the vehicle look different and more elegant than the sedans of competitive brands. All models E class comes up with impressive list of mind-blowing features. Electronic brakes, 7 speed auto transmission with paddle shifters fitted to the new multifunction steering wheel. What makes the car sporty is the powerful V6 3.5 L, 24 cylinders Engine. The gigantic engine is capable of generating 302 horsepower at 6500 RPM and an impressive 273 lb-ft of torque which goes perfectly well with acceleration and balance. The EPA fuel economy is bit high (16/22) MPG but looking at the ability of the engine, one should be happy to deal with that. The car is as credible used car lots in Houston as the brand name suggests. For further you can visit used Mercedes Benz Houston TX.


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