Why Honda pilot 2012 is a perfect choice family SUV

Written By Fred Patrick
Honda pilot 2012

The Honda pilot 2012 is one of the finest choices SUV for everyday, on the road or for family use. Especially, if you are the type of eschew minivans, the boxy body yields a lot of room which makes it a perfect Minivan SUV for your family. The Honda pilot 2012 is a newly designed and redefined model, which is by far better to the previous models of Honda pilot. A major change is the substitution of that old fashioned grille which was highly criticized. The substituted grill has give the car a new look, which makes it a high creased, macho look SUV. The interior themes were considerably good for the previous model but in 2012 Honda pilot, the interior has enhanced drastically. With a car like unibody design, bolstered structurally with some of the benefits of SUV, the pilot is able to draw from the best of both worlds.

Ride quality is definitely on the firm side but the optional four wheel drive system has made it a perfect SUV for deep mud or snow. The interior is roomy and provides enough legroom and headroom for the passengers in back seats. Front seats are generously sized and excellent for the long road trips. Despite its size, the SUV offers a firm handling. The suspension limits the body roll, squat, and Houston dealerships used cars dive which make the long trips smooth and comfortable.

The 2012 Honda pilot’s engine comes equipped with Variable Cylinder Management(VCM) technology, allowing for an uptick in horsepower and torque as well as an excellent fuel economy. The advantage of VCM technology is that the car can run on three, four or six cylinders according to the driving conditions and requirements. The 3.5 L base engine has the ability to generate 250 horsepower @ 5700 RPM and 255 lb-ft of torque @ 4800 RPM. With such big horsepower engines, it’s difficult to deal with fuel consumption. The Honda pilot with its better fuel consumption can give up to 18/25 miles per gallon which is outstanding for such huge size SUV’s. Family safety is probably honda southwest freeway the top priority for both the automakers and customers. The Honda pilot is definitely your top notch in safety prospect. Side curtain bags cover all three rows and its feature set is just as good as any other vehicle in this class. Test drive results have proved this car is perfect in every aspect. You can compare this car to used jeep wrangler Houston for better results.


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